Rec'd money by mistake


If someone is mistakenly refunded too much money, is it their moral responsibility to bring the mistake to the company’s attention? Is it a sin if they say nothing?


One should return it, yes. Some poor soul may lose their job over the mistake.




Refund the amt. Once the bank teller gave me too much money and I took it back. The young teller told me that they were only allowed two mistakes befor they would lose their jobs. Don’t know if that policy still stands, but would hate to see someone lose their job. Peace.


A few years ago I was at a grocery store. I actually knew the cashier. She wasn’t very bright. She rang up the wrong amount; she asked me to pay less than I should have. I told her she had made a mistake, and I needed to pay more. She told me she had done it correctly and asked me for the wrong amount again. For the second time I told her she had made a mistake, and I explained to her exactly why she was wrong. For the second time, she claimed she was right. For a third time I told her I really should be paying more. She got upset and said I was mistaken.

So I paid what she asked. I certainly don’t feel guilty about it–I tried three times to pay the correct amount. Customers behind me were getting testy. The cashier was getting upset. Going to her boss would simply get her fired, or at least reprimanded. If someone is determined to be wrong, at some point it’s their problem.

But yes, certainly you need to try to correct a mistake if you know about it.


If the transaction were between good friends, how would it go? Would one friend shrug it off and tell himself “There’s no harm if he doesn’t know,” or “If he can’t count money, that’s his problem”? No, I think the friend who receives more than he is owed would immediately see that the error, if uncorrected, would adversely affect his friend, his own honor, and their friendship. He would return the excess, and he would feel good about it.

It’s the same at a store, a bank, or just about anywhere.

I once bought a bunch of envelopes and other office supplies at a garage sale. Prior to paying, I discovered that one envelope contained thirty-four dollars worth of postage stamps (two sheets of these). I showed them to the seller. She had not intended to sell them, was pleased to recover them, and cut for me quite a good bargain on the remaining items.:slight_smile:


Yes, I agree returning money that is not yours it always the way to go. I also was at a garage sale and found a 20 dollar bill in a purse and gave it to the seller. It was where she kept money for her daughter’s lunch at school. Never know whose job is on the line or where those few dollars are to go!~


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