Receive Eucharist at Vigil *and* Sunday morning?

Is this permitted? I’m literally falling ssleep as I try to plod through the search results here without much success. Sorry if the answer is something obvious!

It most certainly is, and I would highly encourage it. Easter Sunday and Easter Vigil are two different days, and even if they weren’t considered such (for whatever reason) it would still be allowed because we can receive the Eucharist up to twice in one day, so long as we participate fully in the second Mass, or it is Viaticum.

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I’m not really sure. :shrug:

You can receive the Eucharist twice a day. Cannonicaly a day is from midnight to midnight. Easter Vigil is on a Saturday, separate day from Sunday. So you can receive the Eucharist at the Easter Vigil and twice on Easter Sunday

Thanks. I wasn’t sure if the Easter Vigil counted as receiving for one Sunday Mass.

Concur, with the caveat: If the Vigil should run long enough that Communion is not received until after midnight*, one would ordinarily be limited to only one more reception at a subsequent Mass of Easter Sunday.

(* And I have attended such celebrations)


I thought about that. I receive communion at 11pm (checked my watch).

Yes, as long as the second time on Sunday is during a Mass.

Of course it is okay. Think along the lines of daily mass. Catholics are encouraged to attend mass everyday. Two days in a row is good.

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