Received Communion on tongue instead of hands after many years


God gave me a grace yesterday evening at Mass and I found the courage to receive on the tongue. Made me very happy. I have a lot of anxiety about a lot of things - I took an anti-anxiety pill before Mass started yesterday evening - but God helped me.

I know it sounds sort of silly but yet it made me very happy.

…just wanted to share this…

Thank you so much for these Catholic forums! :thumbsup:

Good to hear! May the reverence of this act open you up to graces!

Good for you! I remember being anxious the first time I made the leap from receiving in the hand to on the tongue. I’ve recently started receiving kneeling, that was an even bigger jump! I spoke to the priest and our deacon before that move, but after attending the EF for a few months, I just couldn’t bring myself to stand.

I’m sure your example will be a great help to many others in the parish! God bless

It doesn’t sound silly at all! Thank God for the grace he has given you! This is wonderful :slight_smile:

All glory to God for it making you feel closer to Him!

However be careful not to degrade the quite acceptable practice of receiving by hand.

Just as it might be argued that the hands might somehow defile the body of Christ, it can be argued that evil often comes from our moths, but good works are done with the hands…and Christ had no issues touching sinners or sinners touching him.

Regardless, I’m glad you found peace!

I also started receiving via tongue last year after being away from the Faith. On rare occasions, I have taken it in the hand a few times.

I have, at one parish, began taking it while kneeling. At my regular parish, it would be very distracting to the parish, and I’m not ready for that there quite yet. I don’t wish to bring any attention to myself or distract others during Communion.

Just to be clear, the whole “evil from the hands” thing is not an accurate way to describe the theological/practical reasons why people receive on the tongue exclusively.

  1. The priest is consecrated to act in persona Christi. Hence why he is given the ability to act as the hands of Christ when distributing the Eucharist.
  2. When the priest (who acts in persona Christi) gives you the Eucharist, it is Christ who is feeding you his Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. Whereas when you receive on the hand, you feed yourself.
  3. When a lay person receives the Eucharist on their hands, they then use their own will to move the Lord where they want. A lay person should not have the power to do with God what they wish. Man should not have power over God.
  4. It’s much easier for particles to break off onto the hands and fall onto the floor between the process of receiving in the hand then grabbing it with the other hand and moving it to the mouth.
  5. Going directly to the tongue is a shorter means to doing the same action.

I think the issue that people have is that they don’t understand what the priest really is.

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