Received Holy Communion, Confirmed, but not baptized?

My fiancee and I are currently in marriage prep in the Catholic Church, and thus our officiant asked for our baptism certificates from our respective churches. When he contacted my fiancee’s church where she received all of her other sacraments, they had no record of her being baptized. We’re currently working to find documentation of this, but if she somehow has not been baptized, what would that mean for her other sacraments? Are they invalid? Does she just have to be baptized to make the other sacraments valid, or would she have to receive those sacraments again?



I would assume she is baptized and there’s a record of it somewhere because I find it hard to believe that she was able to get through First Communion *and *Confirmation without ever showing proof of baptism. But then again, anything is possible.

She should search through her own family records to see if there is a baptismal certificate from her baptism stashed away somewhere. If there are pictures from the baptism and one or two people can sign affidavits stating they were present for your fiancee’s baptism then that should suffice to prove baptism.

If, however, she was never baptized than neither her First Communion nor Confirmation would be valid. No sacrament is validly received without baptism. She would have to receive all 3 sacraments of initiation at once.

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