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Does anyone else have this issue or can explain what is the problem?

I don’t receive notification for all likes received on a post - usually just the first ‘like’ and no more, though sometimes I might get notified of the third (but not the second like) or even just the fourth/fifth ‘like’ but not the 2nd/3rd ‘like’?


Maybe if two likes occur in close temporal proximity to one another the notification is silenced.

Or maybe no one is liking your stuff, yo.


that’s a possibility. Though it also happens when likes are given say within a time period of 1 hour. Received notification of the first like, but no notification for either the second or third like. :woman_shrugging:


I’m just gonna keep liking my man’s posts until it stops notifying him. We will resolve this problem. IT or no IT.

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First like of the “day” for that post gets notified. Often, second day ditto… first like of that “day”. After that, the algorithm the like notification gets more obscure. A day seems to start at 8PM, my time. (Pacific standard).

There might be a running 24 hour period involved, but I haven’t seen that.


:rofl: :joy: :crazy_face: … sweet!

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Well now, that makes sense!

Though “After that, the algorithm for the like notification gets more obscure.” - is where the problem lies!

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Then there’s step three (a miracle occurs), which has me stumped.:smirk:


I shut off the Likes notification ages ago. It was just too much of a distraction.

Do I get that many Likes?


Just kidding! :smile:


I was perusing an old thread from this past fall and noticed a post with 5 likes, including likes from two members that really surprised me. I staggered slowly through my Notifications list, and could find only the first one.

Go to your profile page, click on preferences and then click on notifications.

There is a box called ‘Notify when liked’, you can choose Always, First Time etc.



Thank you! I learned several bits of info when I followed your instructions.

I always learn something new here each day, but I hit the jackpot with oodles and gobs of new info during the past 3 hours from you & @CRV! :innocent:


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