Received the Anointing of the Sick for my mental disorders yesterday


Hi everyone. Yesterday I went to a priest to confess my sins. After I had been absolved and the confession was over, I asked to be anointed for my mental disorders: borderline personality disorder, major depression, and adult ADHD. I thought I had been diagnosed with anxiety disorder as well but according to my therapist, anxiety disorder is not on the official diagnosis list. Anyway, I received the anointing of the sick and it really made me feel better. I still feel pretty good. I know I am not yet healed though. I don’t know if I will ever be healed of my mental disorders. I also received the Eucharist while I was there. But anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I am doing what I can to receive any possible healing of my mental disorders. I sincerely hope that God will heal me though I honestly doubt that He will during this life. Perhaps I should have more faith? :shrug:


I am desperate for healing. Does anyone know of any healing priests in the Diocese of Evansville, IN or any that are visiting this diocese? :shrug:


God IS healing you.

And ALL priests are “healing priests”, because the ministry of the Church through the Sacraments is concerned with healing, especially Unction, Confession, and Communion.

Be patient.

Remember that God works through the mysteries, but through medicine and doctors as well.


Jesus please continually surround Holly with Your light and love.


Stay close to Jesus in the Sacraments, and stay close to your doctors.


Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:


Dear Holly

Some of us have a bigger cross to carry than most. Jesus is asking you to help him carry his cross. You will be handsomely rewarded for your work. Keep offering it up.
I know you probably already have but get some Lourdes and Fatima water and have a sip each day whilst you pray for a miracle. You never know?
I will pray for you but in the end only one person ever got God to change his mind - Mary. It’s ok to want a miracle but trust in God and abandon yourself to him accepting all and everything and you’ll have peace even with such trials. You can have a happy life.

God bless and peace to you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Thanks John Russell Jr. :slight_smile: I have been trying lately to accept my cross but it is a difficult thing to do. Anyway, I am scheduled to receive the anointing of the sick again today for my mental disorders and also for a sinus infection I am getting. I know it will help me to heal some more.



I know it’s a heavy cross to bear, and I understand your position. I also have Borderline Personality disorder, Major depression, dysthymia (a mild, chronic form of depression), anxiety disorder, and OCD. It’s tough, and I know that, at times, it seems almost unbearable. But it is in this that we must learn to walk by faith.


I agree. It is a cross that we must learn to bear and we must also learn to walk by faith. Thank you for this post Christy Beth. :slight_smile:


Holly, this is good to hear. :slight_smile:

A deacon once taught us that God knows the ways to heal us. He said that sometimes that healing is a peaceful acceptance of life’s circumstances and conditions.

You are in my prayers.



Ah ok. Thanks Rebecca! :slight_smile:


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