Receiving a sacrament from a laicized priest?

As I understand it, ordination is indelible, just like baptism. A priest may be laicized (sp?), but he’s still a priest, isn’t he? He’s just under orders not to exercise his priestly powers, if that’s the right word.

But, if such a priest decides to give me confession, and gives me absolution, am I absolved? What about annointing? If such a priest recites the mass, is the host consecrated? Do I receive the same sacrament when I receive that host as I would at a regular mass? I know the priest would be violating his vow of obedience to do such things, except, perhaps in extreme situations such as a case of imminent death, but would it be a sin for the person receiving such sacraments? Would it depend on whether the recipient knew of the priest’s status?

Thank you for your attention and response.


A laicized priest cannot validly absolve anyone from his sins unless the person is in danger of death. Nor can he validly officiate at a Catholic wedding. The marriage would not be valid. Nor would he be able to validly anoint you unless you were in danger of death. In such a case a Catholic could accept his ministry.

But Mass is another matter. The Church at this point, does not take away the ability of such priests to validly consecrate bread and wine. However, Catholics are not allowed to partake of such illegal Masses. Catholics who knowingly participate in such Masses commit a grave sin.

This all comes under the Church’s authority that it received through the Apostle Peter when Jesus gave him the authority to bind and loose.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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