Receiving a "sign" from someone who has passed away?

Has anyone ever received a “sign” from someone who has died? When I was about 12 years old or so, my Mom and I had talked after seeing something on tv (can’t remember what now - maybe a movie with a similar theme), and I asked her if we could make a pact that whoever died first could give the other a sign that they were okay and with God. We agreed, although I think we both were a bit skeptical and half-joking at the time.
Many years passed, and after my dear Mom passed away, the large, tall, and very heavy standing Crucifix at her wake (behind and to the right of the casket) apparently moved to face the side of the funeral parlor room rather than straight ahead as it had been facing originally. No one that I know of ever saw it actually move, but we know it was facing straight ahead at the beginning of the wake (the funeral director later guaranteed that, too), and then we noticed after about an hour or so that it was facing the side wall instead. My brother moved it back to face correctly forward after we noticed it was now sideways, and I’ve always felt that this may have been my Mom’s “sign” to me that she was okay. I don’t know if this conflicts with the Church’s teachings or not, and I’m wondering if anyone has ever had anything similar happen or has any thoughts on that.

I received one from my grandmother. She had gone in for bypass surgery – it’s gotten so common place that I think a lot of times we forget how truly dangerous the surgery can be. I talked to her on the phone and told her I was going to come see her the following weekend, right after she had the surgery. Well, she died from complications due to the surgery. I felt so guilty for not having gone to see her the weekend before her surgery. Fast forward a few days. I’m staying at my mom’s house. The day of her funeral, I’m lying in bed – kind of that period where you’re not asleep but you’re not really awake yet. And I hear her voice. She said, “I’m okay.”

Is it possible that I dreamed it? Possibly. But I truly believe that God gave her that opportunity to come to me and give me the comfort of hearing her talk to me one last time.

Anyone who believes they are receiving signs, locutions, visions, etc, should seek spiritual direction.

God works in mysterious ways.I do not beleive any “signs” conflict with the churchs teachings.It is comforting if anything and how do we know its not God letting us have a sign? God Bless

Why would you think God couldn’t or woudn’t work that last little bit of mercy? I am not one that believes in most supernatural things – the people that say that they can speak to dead loved ones or can find the spirit’s presence, I think is a bunch of hogwash; but I believe that God truly gave me a gift right after my grandmother’s passing.

I never said He couldn’t or didn’t. Odd how you jumped to that conclusion.

What I did say was that someone who believes they are having visions, getting signs, etc, should seek spiritual direction. That is the protocol for such things. The Church has spiritual direction to assist people in determining if the things they are experiencing are real, and of what origin.

I do not believe such things are hogwash. I believe they are quite real. However, an untrained person should not mess around with such things. That is why spiritual direction is critical.

My late father will be “gone” 21 years this coming November. I don’t know if this was a “sign” or not… but 3-4 years ago… I had a dream, where I had an extensive conversation with my late father. We talked about a lot of things. And at one point, he said to me that he was “praying for Mama, for acceptance”. He always called my mother… “Mama” when speaking of her, to us kids.

After I woke up, I reviewed the dream and I didn’t know what it meant… that he was praying for her “for acceptance”. But about a year later, my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.

After having had this dream… I’m convinced that my Dad visited me… to assure me that he is praying for us.

Interesting topic.

I wouldn’t file this under deep, spiritual occurrences, but this happened shortly after my FIL, a life-long, devout Catholic passed away:

Dad had always been very spiritual throughout his life (prayed about four or five rosaries a day, attended daily Mass, prayed the Divine Office, etc.) but he was also fun-loving, cheerful and humorous. He’d wake up in the mornings singing Louis Armstrong’s “Sunny Side of the Street”, which we all referred to as Dad’s “theme song.”

Shortly after he passed away, a dilemma came up involving one of my BIL’s that was causing a great deal of strain in the family, particularly with my MIL. She had called me at work to tell me what was going on and I could hear the anguish in her voice as she said, “Please pray that this gets worked out. Ask Dad to help us.” Right after I hung up with Mom, I took my lunch break and my thoughts were consumed with what was happening and wishing Dad’s calm, sensible presence was still with us to help us get things right when I suddenly listened to the music playing over the store’s radio network.

They were playing “Sunny Side of the Street” by Louis Armstrong.

Now keep in mind, I work at Wal*Mart where, for as long as I have worked there, the radio network plays mostly contemporary pop and country music. I don’t recall them EVER playing classic jazz like Louis Armstrong. I stopped in my tracks and, with tears streaming down my face, I said, “Thanks, Dad.” Then I called my MIL and told her that Dad was “working on it” and not to worry.

Later that day, my MIL called to say that things had been worked out and we all thanked God… and Dad.

My FIL passed away in April. He was a very sinful, lost man and I had been praying for his conversion for years…really ever since I met DH almost 16 years ago. He had a lot of health problems and a stroke, and he was not supposed to live as long as he did. We knew the day was coming.

I kind of fell away from praying for him, there were so many other things on my plate that took over my prayer time. But one day I came across a link to The Divine Mercy Chaplet set to music. It was so beautiful and moving and for the next day it was stuck in my head…so I guess I was constantly praying the chaplet as I went about my day. The next morning, I don’t know why, but I was imagining me and the kids gathered around his death bed, praying the chaplet as he was dying and picturing Jesus appearing to him, looking just as he does in the image, right as he passed. Then I started thinking, WHY am I thinking about this right now, this is WEIRD! It’s not like it’s something I think about all of the time!

An hour later, DH called me to tell me that his dad had just passed away. I nearly dropped the phone.

I have been getting “signs” for many years. It has become a part of my life.
When my adult son died in 1997… he would send me dreams that he was okay. He would send me “signs” whenever he felt like it through the years.

His favorite color was blue. Just this week I was on a cruise and a lady said there was a blue feather stuck to my sweater on my back and she handed me the feather. I knew it was a sign that my son sent it to me to let me know that he is still with me in spirit.

Now this is interesting…where did I pick up the feather? No one was wearing blue feathers on their clothing.

I do believe in signs and I look for them. It is part of my life for many years.

Okay, I realize that we are not supposed to seek contact with the dead, but I think that God, in His kindness, sometimes allows signs from our deceased loved ones.

My family and I lived about 20 miles away from my parents. Whenever we returned from visiting them, my Dad wanted me to pick up the phone, dial their number, let it ring twice and then hang up to show that we’d arrived home safely. Whenever my parents left our house, my Dad would do the same thing when they reaced home.
In my father’s last six months he was suffering from congestive heart failure. One evening he literally lay down on the sofa in the family room and stopped breathing. My mother called paramedics who transported him to a hospital, but he couldn’t be revived.

A few days after the funeral, when my kids and I were staying at my mother’s house, I was cleaning the family room, picking up the numerous needle covers which had been flung all over the place by the paramedics, and feeling very sad about the way my father had died. I never had a chance to say good-bye. “Lord,” I prayed with tears in my eyes, “when family members go on a trip, they always let the people back home know that they’ve arrived safely. But on the greatest trip of all, we’re not allowed to know.”

A few minutes later, I went upstairs to the kitchen. The phone rang. My husband had said he was going to call between 3:00 and 3:30. The time was 3:20. Being involved with something, I told my then 9-yr-old son, “Answer it. It’s probably Daddy.” My son picked up the receiver, and I heard him saying “Hello? Hello? Hello?” I said "Who is it?"He said, “There’s nobody there.” I took the receiver and listened. There was complete silence on the other end. After I hung up I realized that when my son answered it, the phone had rung twice.

My FIL used to spend winters in Fla. with my BIL and his wife. After many years of trying, God graced them with a baby girl, and immediately my FIL went to Fla. to stay with them and be with his latest grandchild. He babysat her and entertained her by playing the various music boxes they had collected. She loved those music boxes.

Unfortunately, he died while visiting them, when the baby was about 7 months old. We brought his body back to Ohio for the burial. Then everyone returned home. A few days after they had returned to Fla., out of the blue, the music boxes began to play–on their own! And the baby began to laugh. My BIL was spooked out of his mind–he is a big skeptic–but my SIL said she knew it was Daddy telling them everything was all right.

My BIL is still the world’s biggest skeptic, but he does not deny that one, because he was there and there was no way he could explain how those music boxes played by themselves.

And nothing strange has happened in that house since. Just a one time thing.:shrug:

What a beautiful comfort that is, especially since your Mom was later diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I’ve always felt that my dear parents are helping me with their prayers now that they have passed even more so than when they were on earth and physically beside me. God gives us so many blessings like this when we truly need them. May He continue to give you all strength through your Mom’s illness.

I receive signs from people who are still alive. They send me true dreams or I can hear just one or two words as I am waking up in the morning or from a nap. I am able to interpret the message most of the times.

I received a sign from my sister this morning. I dreamed that she called me but didn’t say a word to me on the telephone. I realized that she never calls me and was sending me the message not to call her anymore. She is somewhat jealous of me because she thinks I have an easy life. I really do have a good life as long as the relatives don’t bother me with their problems.

Another time I heard a quick message that my boss was quiting her job. Ten days later she announced she was quiting her job. I was super glad because she was hard to work with.

No… I don’t get these messages often… no… I am not crazy… no… I don’t drink or do drugs. I know for a fact that there are many people who have the same experiences I have so I don’t think it is crazy or strange.

my sister who is a prof. singer went at least a couple of seasons w/o an opera role suited to her in her local company. Shortly after my mom’s funeral she was offered a key role in Mom’s favorite opera, one the company had never performed before. The details are personal to the children involved but several of her grandchildren experienced what they interpreted as a sign she was with them, sending them her love during the luncheon after her funeral.

I woke my parents one night when I was 7 to tell them Granddaddy came to my room and told me he loved me and I should be a good girl. In the morning the call came from his home (400 miles away) that he had died from a heart attack at the time of my experience.

I have an experience related to my dad, but cannot share at this time. Yes in general I think it is an ordinary and common thing that the dead can communicate with the living, when and if God thinks it will be beneficial for those hearing the message.

Never cease to pray for the dead unless they are declared saints by the Church.


There are so many signs to look for because they have different types of meaning.

For example: people who changed their minds to go on a airplane at the last minute for some reason and that plane crashed. Some people get a feeling that they shouldn’t fly on that plane. That is a sign to listen to.

I was at the airport and I was sitting down and my purse fell down on the floor and a ring fell out of it. It was a ring that a neighbor of mine gave to me as a gift. I thought that was strange because I didn’t remember having that ring in my purse or using it at all.

When I got home I called her. She told me she has been very ill and plans to get surgery.
I think it was a sign to call her to see how I can help her when she gets her surgery.
We are both single seniors and sometimes we help eachother at times.

I believe it is God’s Angels who are around us to give us the signs at times.

But seeing the spirit of a loved one who has passed on is different. It is a message that we do live in spirit with God when we die. That is what I believe.
Yes, it is important to keep praying for them.

I have been receiving signs for many years. If you are open and accepting and embrace these little signs instead of behaving as if they shouldn’t exist, you would probably see more of them. Nothing but good and positive energy. They come to me in and outside of my dreams and when they happen, I just have to smile.

About 10 years ago or so, a dear friend of mine was in Italy visiting relatives. When he got to the airport, he found the plane was overbooked and had to take a later flight home, without some friends he had gone with. He was not very happy about that. The original flight crashed and everyone aboard, sadly, was killed. He was shocked, then questioned why he was spared and not his friends, then finally accepted it and thanked God for sparing him. It really shook him up, and he was very sad about his friends.

Hi Carolyn, yes, I have heard that some people get really upset when their lives are spared. They say, “WHY ME”. They truly find it hard to handle it.

Every time I get spared from getting into a bad situation and God sends me a sign to back off… I say, “Thank you Jesus”. It feels really good to know that God sends his angels to protect us from evil and other things that are bad for us.

My cousin told me the story of that recent plane crash where everybody died in the ocean.
One lady was spared because she missed the plane… but a few days later she died in a car crash. It makes me wonder that when our time comes it will come nomatter what.
Hummm… Lucy

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