Receiving Ashes



I see from searching the forums that it is not necessary to receive ashes on Ash Wednesday.

But for those of you who will… will you be going to work with them on? I’m wondering, what level of displaying your faith is appropriate in the workplace.

Thanks. I know that sounds strange, but I am genuinely curious.


IF I go to Mass in the morning I do wear them all day long. If I go to Mass in the evening then until the next morning shower.


I am going to mass in the morning then going to school. Yes, I will wear them all day at school and at home until sundown when I will wash them off.

Pax Vobiscum


I work in a Catholic hospital, so yes I will be wearing them at work, since most likely I will be receiving them at work. I will wear them until they wear off or I wash them off the next day.


Yes. I will be going to work with them on. I used to work at a Jewish law firm and I went to work with them on. No one was offended. I didn’t get offended when they ate matzo during passover, so wearing ashes in the workplace is in no way crossing any lines.


if not there, where?


Hi Tyler. No, it’s not a strange question. With so much hostility out there now, against religion… and Christianity in particular… this is a valid question.

We DO still live in a free country, though… where Freedom of Religion is part of our law. I always keep the ashes ON… till the end of the day. If you’re confronted by someone at work… just say… “I will only have them today. It’s part of my religious observance of Ash Wednesday.” I don’t think it’s legal for anyone to demand that you remove them.

God bless.


what do you mean if not there?


That’s pretty good. Thanks Marie. Thank you also to everyone else who responded. I appreciate everyone’s assistance. :slight_smile:


I work at a church and will be helping with ashes so I guess it is a moot point.


Oh, you have to leave them on! Ash Wednesday is wonderful - you can ID all the Catholics :).


Hi, I usually attend an afternoon or evening mass. I leave the ashes on until the following morning.


We now live in an area populated by lots of Catholics , but used to live waaay out in the country where Catholics were few & far between. We had to drive an hour to town to find a Catholic church to receive ashes & you can imagine the stares we received afterwards doing errands on the way back home.
Folks in the feed store either looked at us like we were part of a Manson gang -type cult or helpfully asked if we knew we had large smudges on our foreheads.:slight_smile:




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