Receiving Communion at two Masses in one day for a prayer intention?


Hi, I realize that similar questions have been asked, but this one is a little more specific. Basically, I have an intercessory prayer intention for which I have been praying, fasting, and sacrificing. So since I want to find a way to sacrifice extra time each day, I know that the Mass is the most powerful prayer, and since I already go to Mass daily what better way to spend that extra sacrificed time than to go to Mass a second time? This seems to make sense to me. But this brings up the question, can/should I receive Communion for that extra Mass? Is the fact that I’m attending Mass a second time in one day to intercede for someone a good enough reason to receive Communion again?

I guess more generally this brings up the question of whether someone can receive a second Communion in one day at Mass only for special reasons or if someone who simply loves Mass can participate in the congregation of a second daily mass and receive Communion again, basically just because they want to fully participate in the liturgy and they like receiving the Eucharist.


According to Cannon law, we can receive communion twice in a day, but the second time has to be during Mass. It seems like what you have mentioned here would fall into line with that. I see no reason why you wouldn’t be able to receive twice.


I’m going tomorrow to receive this Mass for the first time, I’m scared to death. I have been drawn to the Church by some one I met on line, she was raised in a monastery and has taught me much and says she wants to be my Catechist, I’m happy to begin being a part of the Church, just hard to get my nerve up to do this. It something I take very seriously.


Greetings Verchiel,

You say that you are a native American convert. So, unless I misunderstand, that means you are already Catholic. I do not understand why you are scared to go to Mass for the first time?


Because I have never truly been to this mass, I’m afraid to be around lots of white people at the same time because I’m not used to it. I’m not prejudice, I’m just used to being around NDN>z in a multi-tribal environment every day. I believe I’m supposed to get baptized? And then I take part in this mass? What if they don’t like me? Or I do something wrong? :blush:



If you have not been baptized Catholic you can still attend a Catholic Mass, if you wish to, but you may not receive the Eucharist.

I would certainly hope that the people at Mass would be Christ-like and love all people. If some are not, that is their problem, not yours.

I believe you want to go, and that you have good will. Do not fear doing anything wrong. You can sit in the back if you like, and observe and get familiar with the Mass.

I hope I have been helpful. I still do not understand very much about your situation. Perhaps you can talk to the priest about your concerns?

God bless you, and may our Lord Jesus Christ and His holy Mother the Blessed Virgin be with you on your spiritual journey.


Chukma shki (thank you) Dorothy, Im sure if the people there are as nice as you have been I will be fine. Ill be going at 11:00 tomorrow morning, maybe you could say a quick prayer for me and my wife? Thank you again for your help.


Yes, I promise to pray for you and your wife!


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