Receiving communion in mortal sin

My brother has An older friend who abandoned his wife( who he married in the church) and is now living with another woman. I overheard him saying that he has been visiting a sister who in a local convent who told him that it was not necessary to go to confession. I have no idea if a sister actually told him this ( which I know is incorrect). The thing is, last Sunday when I was at mass I saw him and the woman he is living with go to receiver communion together. My heart sank, and ever since then I don’t know what to do. I am not close to this man so I don’t know how to approach the issue. I know Our Lord is deeply hurt by this, and I want to help, but I don’t know how. Also, my brother is a bit more on the “ stay out of it” side so having him talk to this man is out of the question unfortunately.

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very troubling; i wish i could think that the 90% of the parishioners who attend Mass & queue up for Communion are free of mortal sin (myself included)


Is it possible to inform the Priest of that parish ,any Nun,or elder you know who has some influence in the Church who over looks parish activities can help out ,Keep praying the Rosary as an act of reparation,that God may bring repentance to them.


Did your brother annul his first marriage?

Why would he discuss this with a nun. Only a priest can tell him if Confession is needed.

It is absolutely none of your business. You only know hearsay and gossip. It is not your place to say anything to him.

You might like to advise your brother who might consider raising the matter with him. If that is not an option then let it go. The Risen Jesus doesnt need you to save him from anything.


Haha no! Not my brother! My brother is very married haha! It’s an old friend of his, but no! He didn’t. My mom is very good friends with his wife and she said the marriage is still standing

Then there’s nothing you can do but pray for them. You’re not close enough to him to be telling him whether he should receive Communion even IF you absolutely positively know all the facts. Which you may not.


It seems that he is simply visiting the convent every so ofte, and it was not confession on the matter of his marriage. He was arguing my sister that confession in general was not necessary, at all.

It is causing scandal regardless and that is a sin in itself.

They are living as husband and wife and they are very open about it.

It is between him and God. I see this sort of thing all of the time. So does God. Many take communion unworthily. I am confident I have done it myself. Best to leave that call to God. I say this for your peace of mind. Pray about it but go no further. In the end, you’ll face God in communion and face to face on your own, not on behalf of your brother. Keep your house in order and find peace there. Ironically that is how you are in the best position to witness Christ to your brother.


Going by St. Thomas’s description of scandal (II-II:43:1) and Cardinal Burke’s description of the Church’s understanding of scandal:
“It is necessary to note two meanings of the term, scandal, in Church discipline. The first and properly theological meaning of scandal is to do or omit something which leads others into error or sin. The second meaning is to do or omit something which causes wonderment (admiratio) in others.”

I do love your comment :slight_smile: I just want to clarify that this was not about my brother haha! I must’ve worded my question incorrect because more than one person has thought I was referring to my brother. I apologize :joy:! This is about an old friend of his, not about my brother

I read very fast and a little carelessly - you probably made it quite clear! :slightly_smiling_face:

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No it isn’t otherwise nobody could do anything that materially offends.
That is a manifestly foolish notion.

You were perfectly clear.
Some contributors are more interested in heat than light.

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So flagrantly flaunting an objectively sinful situation at Mass is not scandalous? My traditional examination of conscience lists cohabiting with another person (obviously not immediate family) of the opposite sex without being married to them as worthy of confessing, regardless of whether they’re sexually actively or not.

I would like to thank you all for your responses for taking the time to help me in this matter. I really meant no harm, and wanted to help my brother’s friend if there was anything I could do. I will take the advice most of you gave me and pray for him and his girlfriend without personally intervening in the matter.Please keep me and them in your prayers as well. You have all been wonderful and very helpful :two_hearts::blush:! God bless

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TALK to you’re Pastor and allow Him to decide.

The NORM though is for the Priest NOT to be judgmental UNLESS there exist the possibility of Grave -PUBLIC-Scandal.

There is NO grace received by this couple and everyone ought to know that this second “marriage” is condoning ADULTERY.

Do talk to your priest IN PRIVATE

Pray very much for this couple


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