Receiving Communion "unworthily"


Why does Our Lord allow Himself to be consumed unworthily?


why did He allow Himself to be persecuted and killed? He gave us the full gift of Himself in full freedom of His will, so that we, in full freedom of our wills could receive him. If we do so unworthily, we sin, and he forgives us just as he forgives all sin.



We can spend time in adoration with him for the sake of all those in the world who do not honor the Eucharist.


I’ve wondered this too, I’ve also wondered why He allowed Judas to receive the Eucharist…

I think that in the Eucharist, Christ shows so much humillity because He becomes obedient to the priest. Once the priest says the words of Consecration, the Holy Spirit transforms the bread into Christ’s Body, and He does not leave the Host if has the external characteristics of bread. Even if someone receives Him unworthily and perhaps causes Him pain with that.

I think this really shows Our Lord’s love and humility…


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