Receiving Eucharist from the Deacon a sin or not?


I have a question. I intentionally receive the Eucharist from the decon not from a Priest. Is it a sin or not? I feel so burdened and miserable about it.


This sounds like scrupulosity. If it is, I advise speaking to a Priest about this as soon as possible.

It is perfectly licit for a Deacon to distribute Holy Communion and for you to Receive from him. There is absolutely no sin at all in that.


Why would it be? Its the same sacrament in either case.

Is there an important detail that you are omitting here? If there isn’t, you are not as informed as you should be.


Any particular reason that you consciously choose this? Is the choice more about wanting to receive fron the deacon or wanting NOT to receive from the priest?

Could be OCD or scruples but doesn’t sound like a sin.


Because I want to kneel down to receive the Eucharist and the Priest is new so I’m afraid he’ll ask me to stand up and I need to switch line to the Priest. That’s why.


Have you seen other people kneel for Communion from this priest and being made to stand or something?

Assuming he is aware of what the Deacon does, there seems to be no reason he would have a problem with doing the same himself.


It would only be a sin if you were the priest offering the Mass.


The only hands that matter are during consecration. After that, receive the Eucharist from whomever.


Actually, it’s not true. Lay people can only distribute the Eucharist in emergency situations. It’s stated clearly in the Canon.
The reason I kneel down to receive the Eucharist is because Jesus gave the message to a nun in Gualdape about it and Mother Maria also knelt down to receive the Eucharist as stated in the book -The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mother Mary of Jesus of Agreda.

I hope everyone’ll receive the Eucharist by tongue on their knees.


Depends on where you are at.

To quote Ambrose of Milan “When in Rome, do as the Romans”.


Yeah, no…


Due to my situation I can only recieve the eucharists from a Deacon but he is not allowed to give the the wine.


That is NOT true unless you can define to me what an “emergency situation” is.


Almost seems like one of several troll accounts by supposed traditionalists.

If I’m wrong, the priest is not legally allowed to refuse communion according to the norm of the Roman Catholic Church. Communion in the hand is not the norm and is temporaneously allowed by indult only.


This is what Canon Law ACTUALLY states and it does not say anything about emergency situations:

Can. 230 §3 Where the needs of the Church require and ministers are not available, lay people, even though they are not lectors or acolytes, can supply certain of their functions, that is, exercise the ministry of the word, preside over liturgical prayers, confer baptism and distribute Holy Communion, in accordance with the provisions of the law.


And the provisions of the particular law as it relates to the distribution of Holy Communion by the laity are regularly ignored.


I think you should focus on who you are receiving when you receive Holy Communion rather than who the minister is.


Deacons are special , they are not like the run of the mill laity


I wouldn’t if I knew the minister was a deacon (or a layman).

I would only receive Communion from a priest or a bishop (including our Holiness and archbishops).

I recommend the same…


Why would you recommend this? It just sounds like you are less informed about Catholic doctrine than you should be and are actually sort of superstitious, assigning spiritual powers to clergy that they do not have. But I could be wrong, could you expand on this?

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