Receiving Eucharist in sacrament

I’m going through a hard time. I feel so dry. I believe in praying to God deeply after receiving the Eucharist. And as horrible as this sounds, all I could say after receiving the Eucharist was say how angry at God I am. I feel bad about it but I was praying from the heart it doesn’t make sense to make an “artificial” prayer telling God all sorts of “good” stuff if you don’t mean it. I don’t know what to do…

Nothing wrong with telling God you’re angry. It can help open us up to being closer to him. There are whole books of the Bible that are mostly anger with God. Try reading Psalm 22, but pay attention to how it ends. It begins in near despair and ends in hope. This is why Jesus quoted it from the Cross, so that we would find him in our own desperate moments and this would lead us to hope.



This moved me so much thank you!!! Literally crying in my head. I though it was a sin to be in such a CLOSE state with God through the Eucharist and me angry… but I guess I was giving him what was on my heart

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