Receiving from the Cup and facial hair

Here’s one to consider. If a man has facial hair, such as a mustache, and receives from the Cup, there is a risk, that substantially increases with the length of whiskers, of him getting the Precious Blood soaked into those whiskers. Let’s talk about this situation.

I’m not a big fan of the “common cup” for a variety of reasons (which I’m not about to go into), but even so, I have problems taking this proposition seriously.

I personally know many bearded and moustachioed priests, (albeit mostly Eastern and Oriental, but that makes no difference), and never once have I even heard tell of a dripping moustache.

It is very likely that most of the apostles had facial hair. Jesus did not deny them the privilege of receiving from the cup.

AND there is a risk of putting whisker germs into the Precious Blood (feeling nauseated now). :stretcher:

This is simply another reason (one of about 100) why I don’t drink after others.

Orthodox clergy traditionally wear full beards and moustaches.

However even priestmonks and deaconmonks are expected to trim their moustaches so they don’t dip into the chalice.

I’m with you Lorrie. I think I have to go lie down.

Funny how some people think that pathogens would dare to coexist with the Precious Blood of Christ.

The Church teaches that the accidents of the species are in no way changed at the time of consecration. The Blessed Sacrament is no more immune to pathogens than the species were prior to consecration. This is why it is very important for those with communicable diseases to avoid contaminating the Blessed Sacrament.

I haven’t been a EMHC for a long time, but I have yet to see a communicant return the cup with his whiskers dripping! :eek: It didn’t even occur to me! I guess that most men with a mustache either know how to take a small sip from a communal cup without getting their whiskers wet or else don’t share drinks with anyone else. These are full-grown men, not apes. Besides, from an epidemiological standpoint, are whiskers worse than lips? Has anyone ever heard of whiskered men posing some particular community health hazard? As far as I am aware, “clean” shaving is a figure of speech, not a medical term.

Q: Does anyone here know of this ever happening, in their actual experience, or is this just the made-up worry of an over-active imagination?

Germs and stray whiskers don’t know the difference.

No, not I. As I said earlier, I know quite a number of priests (and deacons) who are bearded and/or moustachioed, and never even heard a tale of such a thing happening. And a priest drinks a bit more deeply. So does the deacon at the ablutions. To my eye, the premise in the OP is so absurd that I can’t take it seriously.

It’s just a tiny sip.

Unless these whiskers are really, really long or the communicant has a tendency to slosh the contents of whatever cup he’s drinking from up into his face when he takes a sip, I don’t see this as even a valid possibility.

Or don’t think that Jesus, in His being a human, was just as much a “germ machine” as any other human. For example, I’d have a hard time imagining that Jesus never caught a cold.

It’s one of those things that make you go, hmmmm. :hmmm:

The handlebars are quite neatly out of the way. It is only the part that ventures across the lip that might be a problem. As I’ve noted, I think that the guys that get their whiskers in their drink with so much as a tiny sip, no matter how much they pucker their upper lip…they just pass on by. (We’re not talking about a drink with a head on it! :D)

When it comes to hygiene, the kids worry me much more. Some of them don’t seem to know what a little sip is! I can well imagine what other childhood incompetencies come into play…but, so far, no evidence of “back wash”, either.

When I wonder, I look. If it ever looked even a little bad, I guess I’d take the cup to the altar, finish the remainder myself, and that would be that. At least, that’s what I’d want the deacon or EMHC to do for me, if I were the next in line. I have never thought about what I would do that if I ever saw a mustache come up dripping, though.

The truth is, I look to make sure things are OK, but I’ve never given much thought to what I’d do if the contents of the cup looked bad, until now. I guess I’ll have to ask our deacon about this one. I’m guessing I’d have permission to consume the remainder myself, but I’m sure it would not be expected. I think he’d just expect that I take the cup out of circulation, and let him take care of what to do with the remainder, if needed. He’s not the kind that would expect somebody to consume a child’s backwash.

QUESTION: If I am not mistaken, if there was ever anything that was really awful, then the Precious Blood, having lost the appearance of wine, would no longer retain identity as the Precious Blood, so it could be diluted by the deacon or priest, and could then be disposed of during ritual purification at a sacrarium, just as if it had been cleaned up with a purificator after an accidental spill on the floor.

Is this correct?

In my thoughts, I’m not so much thinking of the health/hygiene aspects as much as if the Precious Blood got soaked in them, then it would be dripping as they walk back to their pew.

Most guys I know with those big long mustaches (excuse the visual) quickly respond to whisker “pick up” by putting their whole upper lip inside their lower lip, and suck the soup off that way. But that’s when they took a sip or spoonful that was just too big. And anybody can mistakenly take a sip from a cup and get some on themselves. It just rarely happens to people taking a small sip and taking special care not to spill.

Like I said, I would expect that a guy who foresaw anything like that would move on past the common cup. They’re adult men, not apes.

Yet one more reason to make intinction the norm!

I don’t think it is a lot to ask that guys who want to receive from the common cup take two minutes to clip the whiskers off of their upper lips before Mass. It’s less time than the full-face shavers have to spend.

How about women who leave massive lipstick marks on the cup? We are receiving from a communal cup and there are certain things that go along with that. People who don’t brush their teeth, back wash, germs, facial hair, and whatever else goes with drinking from a common cup. I have been receiving from the cup at every Mass for years now and I have never experienced illness or anything other than the spiritual gift of the Sacrament. Yes, the Church tells us that the accidents still present us with all of the things mentioned above but then we deal with all kinds of germy situations whereby we do not receive Christ’s blood shed for us. I’ll take my chances and receive with my moustache trimmed. I’ve yet to have the Precious Blood drip off of my moustache.

It astounds me how Mother Teresa gave her life ministering to those who had every kind of sore and illness and how the conditions were almost unlivable and we worry about a guy with a moustache… God has to smile on this thread…teachccd :slight_smile:

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