Receiving Holy communion

My mum is preparing for Confirmation and in one of the classes, the speaker discouraged to receive Holy Communion often and implied that they should only receive it on Sunday. What do you think?

I don’t usually do this but if possible please keep her in your prayer that she will be able to get confirmed this year as it is quite difficult to get confirmed in her parish (require 100% attendance and many people dropped out already because of this).

Pope Saint Pius X thought otherwise. He did everything in his power to get the faithful to receive our Lord as often as possible. So, no the speaker is off base and the reception of communion once or at most twice a day is highly recommended by the Church.

Amen … I can testify that daily Mass and as nearly as possible daily reception of communion has done wonders for my spiritual life. Tell your mother not to worry about receiving our Lord every day.

The Church wants us to recieve communion AT LEAST EVERY EASTER i think. We can recieve communion everyday with maximum of twice per day in the mass. Or unless you are in a point of Dying.

How about a “doctor’s note” as is done everywhere else, when it is required?!

Perhaps it is being discouraged only for this period of time, when she is preparing for Confirmation. I suggest asking about it yourself to make sure. The Church is the same all over the world, and another poster told you what I believe to be accurate. In my Parish, the main group of people that attend 9 am Mass every morning, are the retired elderly. It would be wrong if people believed that attending every morning was a necessity, for some reason, to be a very good Catholic. I attend Mass in the morning when I have special needs. Obviously, Priests and Nuns attend Mass every morning. The suggestion by our Pastor, is an extra Mass, in addition to Sunday. Some people will go Saturday evening AND Sunday morning.

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