Receiving on the tounge + Possible issue


This is going to sound silly but I have to ask. I have been thinking I want to start receiving the Eucharist on my tongue, as opposed to in the hand. The problem is, I have TMJ and I mean bad TMJ, it causes problems eating along with pain, of course. I can open to about 23 mm or less than an inch, each day can vary some from, 25 mm to 19 mm (so small) Can anyone explain how to recieve on the tongue, because I don’t think I will be able to since I can barely open my mouth:(


Not silly at all. I wonder if you can ask your priest to receive privately at first to see if it’s possible?


That’s a good suggestion. Or even better, as no doubt like all parish priests he’s busy and difficult to get hold of, why not ask a sacristan if you can practise with a not-consecrated altar-bread/wafer.


Oh, good ideas, that didn’t even occur to me!lol


I’m a sacristan, and I’d give you a whole bag (quantity: 500) of altar breads to practice with if you wished :hug3:


That is great!
I’m just so worried, I will scratch the Priest with my teeth:( and I don’t want his body to fall because I can’t open wide enough!


Why exactly do you want to receive it on the tongue? This isn’t judgmental, just asking. I would think if it would cause difficulty and pain for you, and possibly for the priest/EM as well, perhaps I am just ignorant but i’m not sure what the benefit would be.
Perhaps my area of the country is unusual, but I don’t think i’ve seen anyone receive communion on the tongue in at least a decade.


Honestly, to me, it seems more reverent than receiving on the hand. I don’t mind the pain or inconvenience , I just worry about 1. it falling on the floor or 2. hurting the Priest. There are quite a few at my Parish that receive on the tongue but even if they didn’t, it wouldn’t bother me. At the end of Mass, and Father comes and sits back down, everyone else does as well but I continue to kneel until he says “Let us pray”. It is what I feel I should do to best worship.


I’m sure if you tell your priest of your concerns, the two of you can work out whether COTT would be feasible in your case.

My priest is 13" taller and 24 years older than I am. I receive COTT while kneeling. Most of the time it’s uneventful, but everyone has off days and there have been licking and biting incidents. Unless your priest is young, I imagine he has seen everything. Be not afraid.

(His twin brother, also a priest, shoved half his hand in my mouth yesterday. But that’s another story.)


I have to keep telling myself that…it won’t be the first time!


Oh, it won’t :whistle: :smiley:


Just like when I was scared to death to make my first Confession and Father didn’t bat an eye:D



Talk to him, explain your challenges, and see what he says. :thumbsup:


I would say about 90% receive on the tongue in my parish. It is allowed and in the GIRM so no worries.


[quote="UpUpAndAway, post:13, topic:328123"]

Talk to him, explain your challenges, and see what he says. :thumbsup:


I'm sure he will be so excited to talk to me for the upteenth time, I ask many questions:o


Wow, that is a large percentage.


wow, really? This honestly surprises me. I know it’s allowed, I know it is okay. I just felt few opted for that anymore. Is your parish very orthodox? I’ve lived in 3 different states and belonged to about 5 different parishes in my lifetime, and in each, i would say receiving on the tongue was very unusual.


[quote="MaryRita85, post:15, topic:328123"]
I'm sure he will be so excited to talk to me for the upteenth time, I ask many questions:o


I don't know a priest who doesn't love it when people ask questions, especially those newly received into the Church! Again, be not afraid. :)


Well my parish does have altar rails and the EF daily so that might explain it but I attend the OF on Sunday and that is actually where I am getting the number from. I am equally surprised that you have not seen anyone receive on the tongue in a decade.


my parish does have altar rails we had them removed and I have notes that people still receive communion on the tounge. When receive communion I have to kneel down because I am to tall for my parish priest.

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