Receiving the Eucharist on the tongue

Hello… again. So, as it is possible I may receive my first Eucharist at Easter Vigil, I have a question. As I have been reading I feel I should not receive the Body of Christ in hand, but on the tongue. However, I’m a little nervous about it.

This is really a dumb question, but is there any way to practice such that I don’t end up, say, accidentally biting Father’s fingers or doing something equally stupid? I can’t say I’ve ever had anyone put anything on my tongue in that fashion and it seems unusual in my parish to receive on the tongue, so I doubly don’t want to mess up in some horrifyingly embarrassing way that ends up less respectful of the Body of Christ than if I just received in hand.

Do they have Necco Wafer candy where you live? All of the old cradle Catholics know I’m going to tell you to practice placing a Necco wafer on your tongue in front of a mirror, because it’s similar in size and shape to a host. And because we all played “Mass” with them when we were little.

Small round cookies or crackers work well, too. It’s a great excuse to buy Girl Scout Thin Mints. Or Better Cheddars.

Open your mouth, extend your tongue, and give the priest time to place the host there and withdraw his hand before you close your mouth. There’s no need to snap shut quickly, endangering the priest’s fingers, or to pull your tongue in quickly, which could make the host fall. The saliva on your tongue will help the host adhere until you can bring it in gracefully.

Pretty soon it will be second nature for you. Welcome home!

Hello FieldSparrow,

Welcome Home!

If you can, I would receive on the tongue. Don’t worry, it will become second nature very quickly.

Ohhh… I’d definitely go for the thin mints. Way better than better cheddar. :smiley:

First, don’t worry about it. Hosts stick to tongues pretty well. It does feel odd to stick out your tongue at the priest, though. :wink:

You might be able to find someone at your parish (priest, deacon, sacristan) who will let you “practice” on an unconsecrated host or two sometime on a weekday.

In our RCIA, we have the candidates practice on unconsecrated wine and hosts so that they will feel comfortable when the time comes.

Second, please don’t think communion in the hand is any less respectful; if you feel that COTT is for you, great, go with COTT. I’ve always done CITH, and although I know you’re not arguing for one way or the other, there are more than a few who will be critical of CITH as less respectful. But one has to be careful not to infer that one way or the other is any more or less respectful, except as a personal preference. :slight_smile:

It depends on your mood, really. Sometimes you feel like a sweet, sometimes like a savory. AND the Better Cheddar is lighter in weight and more like a host. Don’t be disparaging my Better Cheddars! :wink: (OK, do they even still make them? I don’t get to the cracker aisle very often.)

Communion wafers are available online or at local Catholic bookstores. The OP can buy a pack and practice at home if he/she wants.

You will do fine.
Just remember to stick your tongue out far enough since the hosts that go in the hand now are a little larger than the old, old Communion Hosts were that only went on the tongue.
And welcome !!

Well, they are selling Girl Scout cookies this weekend at the grocery store booths.

Thanks for the ideas; I’ve been trying to stick my tongue out in front of the mirror but it would be more useful to actually try with something.

And man, I used to love Better Cheddars. I do wonder if they still make them. I haven’t bought any in a long, long time!

Nothing to be nervous about my friend. Just stick your tongue out and let the inner recesses of your humble heart and soul do the rest. Remember; its Jesus your receiving, not just the host. You’ll do just fine.

Forget the Girl scout cookies. You can savor their insignificant nature later. :wink:


its funny, where i was preparing to make mine (10 years ago), we used flying saucers candy

(wow, just being able to say 10 years ago makes me feel old, and im only 18)

Ok, ok… Nothing against the Better Cheddars, but very ironicly, I find the thin mints even better than them!

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