Receiving the Eucharist twice in one day (quick replies appreciated)

The comments on the web site you referenced are incorrect. The comments even contradict the canon it cites. In a day you may receive Holy Communion up to twice (normally) and thrice in some circumstances:

*]You may receive Holy Communion in any manner authorised by the Church. It does not have to be during Mass.
*]You can receive a second time but only during Mass. Unless you are in danger of death in which case your second time may be as Viaticum providing your first time was not Viaticum.
*]You can receive a third time but only as Viaticum and providing your first or second communion that day was not as Viaticum.

I asked the priest today after mass. He also said that the SECOND time has to be during mass.

I am going to send an e-mail to the contac address of that website :slight_smile:

It does, normally. However, if you were in danger of death you can receive a second time as Viaticum.

yes, that I know :=) thanks for making this more complete.

canon law allows you to recieve the Eucharist twice in one day provided that you attend the mass when you recieve the second time. The only exception being if you are recieving viaticum.

II contacted the site and got a very good reply from a priest.
He changed the word “must” (attend two full masses) to “should”. And bolded the sections of canon law.

He also did point out to me the one should not angle to receive communion twice in one day on a regular basis.



Hello All. A new member here and a extraordinary minister of the Eucharist. I’ll put in what I know. Yes, one can receive Holy Communion twice in a day with the following stipulation by way of examples: a) a sick patient at home or in the hospital setting asks for communion. A minister from a local parish came and gave him communion (on his bed). The priest from his parish comes to hear confession and give him communion. He can confess to the priest but will not receive communion the second time because: it is not a Mass.
b) I went to mass at 12pm and receive communion and serve as eucharistic minister. Someone asked me to come and help at 6pm Mass in their place. I came a little late, ie the priest was giving his sermon. I felt that as a minister so I received communion and serve as minister. This is wrong. I was not there for the whole Mass (ie. I must arrive before the reading of the Gospel, if you came in after this point in the mass you must attend another Mass). I should not have received communion but only serve ( I did receive communion earlier already). There is rightly confusion because lay people are not told this in clear fashion. Some times I help out at a 3rd Mass on Sunday. Under no circumstance can I receive the third time without a much permission from a bishop, which probably would not permit anyway.
c) people in this thread have said that the first communion of the day can be obtained in another setting: per minister at home/hospital, communion service, or even a partial Mass as decribed above (got there late).
May Jesus the King of Kings reign in our hearts always. Our Lord and Savior.
Viva Cristo Rey. Let us all receive the free gift of grace and follow the Way home to our Father. Amen.

From what I heard, you can receive Communion even if you did not hear the Gospel, but if you wanted to receive it again, you had to be at another Mass and listen to the Gospel.

I am thankful people are asking questions if something is not clear. I do want to reply to the comment the priest gave you about not “angle” to receive communion twice in one day. If you get the inspiration to attend mass and pray for a special intention (ie. someone discovers they have cancer, someone is dying, someone has just died). The intent is to pray for that “cause” by attending Holy Mass thereby offering your communion for that intention. This is the same intent as when you attend a funeral mass: you offer your communion for the soul of that person. Holy Communion is like a super frosting on the cake. I have attended Mass twice or 3 times on a Sunday due to inspirations from God. Please see also my prior post on this thread.

The idea is to give thanks and also pray for our “needs”. You know at Mass, we first repent with the confiteor, encounter God in his word (liturgy of the Word), we encounter him in the Liturgy of the Eucharist because Jesus shows up to be with us, and we unite ourselves to Him and the whole church at communion, and receive a blessing in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and God sends us back out to the world, having been nourished by Jesus Himself to put our gifts into action.
Thank you God. You are GOOD! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Please note that you are actually an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, per Redemptionis Sacramentum’s instruction. Only priests and bishops are Ministers of the Eucharist.

He meant not to angle at it routinely:, without a specific reason, and especially while not attending two full masses.

QUOTE=chancvn;9933175] I have attended Mass twice or 3 times on a Sunday due to inspirations from God.
But as you said in your former post, you are not allowed to receive communion at the third mass then… just making that clear for everybody again :slight_smile:

But as you said in your former post, you are not allowed to receive communion at the third mass then… just making that clear for everybody again :slight_smile:

Yes, Kathrin. Even if I can’t receive Holy Communion in the third Mass, I can go out of love for God and why not always bring some intention for self or neighbor. Anything act of love on our part for Jesus is always noted.

You know Kathrin, if we only have 30-40 minutes free in a day and we have to choose to pray the rosary or attend Mass, we should choose the Mass because it’s the highest form of prayer and Jesus physically appears and allow us to receive His Life (communion). If it came down to that, it’s the truth. Of course I wear the brown scapular of our Lady of Mt. Carmel and try to pray at least 1 rosary per day out of love for our Lady and God. It’s wonderful to imitate our Lady in meditating on God’s grand mysteries, getting immersed in them like jumping into the pool and experience what God has to offer. Here too, when we pray the rosary, remember to always bring up petitions. God loves that because we act like children in bringing up all kinds of needs for ourselves for our sanctification and many many other needs/issues all around us, even the election. Jesus said to St. Faustina: Ask, ask much and Trust. The bible said that it will be given to you “…full and overflowing”. Let’s get this clear, I am no saint. I’m still a “practicing” catholic. I’ve not gotten it right or perfect yet. I put my trust and dependence on the one who saves - JESUS. :wink:

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