Recent article: "Pope Francis will probably resign" most likely true


I like the flexibility of their language: “will probably resign,” “most likely true.”

I’m saying there is a 50% chance that they are 50% right.


Moderators are gonna let this continue on? :disappointed:


Hey, if he does resign, I’m available. Pope Beryllos. I like the sound of that.


Pope Francis might set requirements that could bar you.


Yeah, frankly, my chances are not good, but I stand ready just in case.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
“Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?”
“Here I am,” I said; “send me!”




Wow. Some of the comments are as funny as the article . . .


To this point, it has remained respectful, with some tongue in cheek mocking of the article.

I rather suspect that it has a close eye on it, though.

Any moment the usual suspects will probably show up, and someone will get suspended.




The seat of Saint Peter has been mocked here. :cry:


Yes,. 10 characters


If anyone mocked the see or any past or present pope, I missed it.

Good natured humor and mocking are not the same thing. The former increases our understanding (well, sometimes), while the latter is hurtful.

It’s the lack of comprehension in the underlying article, not the popes, that is the butt of the jokes.


To clear up any confusion, the purpose of this thread is not to mock the papacy or hope for the Pope’s resignation.

Rather, it is to spotlight the possibility of papal resignations becoming more common, perhaps starting with Pope Francis as the second in a row to resign. Important is the link between Pope Francis’s affinity for Cdl. Kasper’s opinions on the papacy, and what Cdl. Kasper has written regarding the papacy throughout his life.


I sincerely hope that he won’t resign. I think he’s a great Pope, especially that he has worked so hard concerning the peace of the Korean Peninsula, where I am from.


I thought the article was satire.


Like my monk friend said, at their Abbey one time they had 4 living Abbots. 3 of them were basically “Abbot Emeritus”, they were all former Abbots. Many dioceses have multiple Bishops emeritus. Unless we want the Popes to die in office, like the absolute monarchy that it was, then who cares if there are two living former Popes?

The decision for a Pope to resign should not be influenced on whether his predecessor is still living, IMO. It should hinge on: can he do the job, and does he think its God’s Will? That’s about it.


The infirm and elderly of course still have human dignity. And they can still do plenty of productive things. Pope Emeritus Benedict has written several books in his retirement. It doesn’t mean that its a good idea for them to serve until they die even when they are suffering from illnesses.

One can make a case that Pope John Paul II wasn’t able to respond to the abuse crisis adequately in 2002. And, his advisors like Cardinal Ratzinger at the time only had so much power. The case can be made, that those last 4 or 5 years of JPII’s reign, the Church really needed leadership that he wasn’t able to give.


Vatican II “earnestly requested” that bishops less capable of fulfilling their duties due to age (it did not provide a particular age) offer their resignation on their own accord or upon the invitation of the competent authority. (Christus Dominus 21). The reasoning the Council gave was that the office of bishop was “so important and weighty.” Given that reasoning, it seems this earnest request would apply even more so to the bishop of Rome.

It makes sense to me that if other bishops are expected to resign, so should the Pope (for the most part, in the past other bishops used to stay on until death and the bishops of Rome did too–what’s good for one is good for the others I think).


The USCCB responded pretty well, as I remember. I know we think of the Pope as kind of everywhere, but most problems are handled better if handled locally instead of relying on universal solutions.


I would not be surprised if Pope Francis resigned. I will wait and see what happens, though.


I couldn’t help but notice that he did sound very tired and worn out at world youth day in panama. age is definitely taking its toll on him, I think

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