Recent Life Troubles - Need Opinion on where they are coming from


Okay I’ve hit my breaking point.
My life problems, are mostly school problems and I thank God they are not worse.

But, I just don’t know anymore if all the obstacles are a message from God or if the devil is trying to block my path. I’ve tried to be optimistic and handle each problem, but it gets tough.

Basically, I’ve been trying to go to a certain school program and I’ve run into some problems.

I had to take a placement test and I had to go to a different campus to take the test. It was kinda far. Then I went to pick-up my results and for some reason they didn’t show up…well, after much hassel I got that taken care of.

Financial aid…I knew I was not eligible for grants, but I was hoping to get loans…I’m still working on that because the school really didn’t want to give me loans.

I got a job in that area so I could work and live in that area, now they are cutting back hours and I’m not sure how I can afford a place.
I applied for another job…My Cell phone died and they couldn’t contact me, but there’s still hope. I just couldn’t believe that my cell phone died when I had calls that are important. It was just a few days ago.

Now, today the tuition was due. Last week, I set up a payment plan so it could be divided up into smaller payments through my credit card.
I just checked my credit card to see if the scheduled payment was made today.
Unfortunately my school could not charge my card because of security reasons. My card was blocked.

My card got charged in California and Texas yesterday, I don’t live there, so obviously someone got hold of my information. Now I have to get a new account number and card. These are just some of the problems I’ve come across.

I don’t know, it just seems like so many obstacles.
Does God not want me to go to that school?
Is He trying to test me somehow?
Or are these obstacles the work of the devil?

I wish I could know, I have no idea what to do. But this stuff happens to me a lot. Even my family has noticed and my mom says that perhaps I need to be blessed.

Can anyone relate? I’m going to try to find a priest whom I can speak to. I think I’m going to try and find a spiritual director. I just wish I knew when it was God sending me a message or the devil trying to trip me on my path.


Dear Friend, all of us have times when a number of things go wrong.
Cell phones die, maybe because we forgot to charge them or maybe they’re faulty or it’s planned absolence. Credit card details might be stolen because someone is acting criminally…it happens to anyone…and maybe too if we aren’t really vigilant where we post our details, it doesn’t help our chances, but anyone can be unlucky.

So many people are having difficulty with work, losing hours, losing jobs, not finding jobs, sickness of the breadwinner and danger of losing houses.
These things happen.

I don’t believe the devil’s fighting you, but I’m sorry you’re having a tough time. Many of us are…and sometimes it’s somebody’s incompetence, sometimes it might even be we don’t come across positely enough, and sometimes it’s because there are so many people out there we’re not going to get all we need, work, loans etc.

Certainly talk to a priest and seek a blessing, pray and be faithful to God. Do those things anyway

But please don’t give up. Keep trying.

Best wishes for your future and your peace, happiness, and success. I’ll keep you in prayer,

Trishie…who like most people I know, have had many troubles! :slight_smile:


Gee whizz!..You sure have a lot on your plate, BR! Remember that old nick can only do whatever The Lord permits it to do…so rest easy there. And no one probably was more pushed and pummeled and turned inside out and round and round than poor dear Job…who wound up with absolutey nothing, homeless and a beggar, and very ill to boot…and old nick made merry hell on him and all with God’s permission. All unwound happily for him right at the very end and after a dreadful ride for sure!

Can anyone relate? I’m going to try to find a priest whom I can speak to. I think I’m going to try and find a spiritual director. I just wish I knew when it was God sending me a message or the devil trying to trip me on my path

Probably most all of us can relate to your story really to some degree or other…the story is the same, only the details are different - at least somewhere or other in our lives, if not now perhaps at a time past. To talk with a priest is a good move…to look for (and hopefully find) a spiritual director, is an even better one.

God’s Will is an unfolding matter…and all is only partly unfolded for you as yet. It is still an unfolding situation…ride the high waves in the stormy sea with a huge does of hope and much prayer for strength and courage, determination…

Other than that “as gold is tested in fire, so the servants of God are tested in the crucible of suffering”…

St. Teresa of Avila, who travelled quite a bit in her lifetime, was crossing a stream one day on a donkey. She fell off into the water, and promptly said to Jesus “Well, if this is the way you are going to treat Your friends…then don’t complain if you have so few”…

God’s blessings and His Peace…I hope all will unfold and with prayer very happily for you, your education and your finances, your personal details - and that you will find a really good spiritual director, and when you do hang on to him/her - they are pure gold and a great treasure in the spiritual life and journey…Barb:)


Thank you,
I agree with what you wrote and they are comforting words :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll just proceed. I guess if the Lord for some reason doesn’t want me to go, then sooner or later I’ll see it.

It’s just annoying because all these little problems really add up to a lot of stress.

Well, now I have to go and resolve my cell phone problem.


It’s just annoying because all these little problems really add up to a lot of stress.

Life can be very complex and confusing indeed…lots of bumps, hills, even mountains to cross. Since our spiritual lives and spirituality are like the soul or heart of our living and in a united partnership with our lives generally, a good spiritual director is absolute gold. As we cannot separate our souls from our bodies - they are united. So we cannot separate our spirituality from life and living itself. They are united. There is no such thing as a person who is not spiritual.

I will be keeping you in prayer…and no wonder you are much stressed. I dont think you would be human if you were not under the conditions currently applying in your life. A spiritual director will help you discern the direction in which The Holy Spirit is leading you and I will be praying too that one will come your way. He/she may even help you lessen all the stress simply by reassuring you … not knowing can be very difficult to cope with for many.

God’s richest blessings…good luck and may The Lord gift you success with your cell phone and all other difficulties…Barb:)


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