Recently felt a strong presence


A few nights ago, I was sitting on my bed saying the rosary, as I do most nights. The door was closed. I have a wicker shelf in my room with five different “levels”, and on the third level is my little homemade shrine with my first Communion icon of Mary and Jesus and various angel statuettes and pictures of saints and Jesus. I was almost done with the rosary. I looked directly at the icon and said a Hail Mary, and when that one was finished, I had the weirdest sensation. I felt an extremely strong presence of the Virgin Mary, as if she were standing right there by my door. If I had been, say, laying in my room in the dark and not praying and had felt that same presence, I would have freaked out and turned on the lights. So I said the next Hail Mary as if I were speaking directly to her, like she was there–"Hail, Mary, full of grace…"
It was a lovely experience. Anyone else wish to share similar ones?


Aww, that’s beautiful! :slight_smile:

One time, I was having a rather bad day; I was running on no sleep and hadn’t had any for the last day or so, so I felt very low and cried easily. I went to my bedroom and said the Divine Mercy Prayer, and I felt such intense shivers that seemed to reach right to my core. It felt like God was giving me a hug and reassuring me that everything would be fine. I felt instant peace, fell asleep, and was in a great mood when I woke up the next day.


Wow, that’s great! It must have been amazing to experience.


I was praying the Rosary and it was one of those intense ones…anyone who prays the Rosary frequently knows what I mean.

Anyway I was walking up and down as I prayed and in the midst of one of the Hail Marys I distinctly smelled roses. There was no room spray, no candles, nothing to explain the lovely odor.

It lasted for about 10 to 15 seconds and then was just gone. I’ve always believed that was a sign of her presence as I prayed.


that is wonderful :slight_smile: I don’t normally share this, but since you asked; I once felt her presence too when I was praying the Hail Mary and I think it’s really amazing how much she loves us… it really changed how I see Mary and my devotion to her. God bless


Wow, that sounds beautiful. I heard of an unexplainable floral scent at an altar in some cathedral or other that reminds me of your story. I think your smelling roses while praying is definately a sign of her presence.


It was wonderful, disconcerting but wonderful.


Thank you for sharing about praying the Rosary and the Divine Mercy! (we remembered St. Faustina yesterday).

I still have long way to go on my faith journey, but it was 3 years ago, after a 4 day retreat,while praying the Rosary, I had experienced some special moment. Until this day, I do not understand completely the experience, but it was the moment of the turning point of my life.

Please keep praying the Rosary daily.

Thanks be to God!


I won’t go into the whole story, but God has blessed me with an unbelievable journey. As a result, I am somewhat hypersensitive spiritually. I bought a beautiful 22 inch tall statue of Blessed Mary. After I had just received Communion, I asked the priest to bless the statue, and he did. I stayed in the church after everyone else had left, and just sat and meditated. Then, I knelt at the shrine of Blessed Mary, and started praying. The experience is not something that I can describe in detail, although it is indelibly etched in my mind. Let it suffice to say, it was something that just does not happen. Partly because of this, I have developed a strong devotion to Blessed Mary.

Another time, I brought a statue of the Infant Christ of Praugue to Mass with me on a week day, when things were slow, planning on having the Priest bless it after Mass. Mass had not started, and everything was so peaceful and quiet… and then the most wonderful floral scent hit my nostrils. It was almost alcoholic, and definitely not something of this earth. I had heard of such things, but never experienced it. My first thought was. “Whoah. I can’t believe this is happening to me”. The scent subsided after about 5 seconds, and then the most pleasant breeze ran across my cheek… and no, it was not the HVAC system…

For those who are skeptical, these things do happen, though rarely, and not usually to those who expect or solicit them.


Twenty-some years ago, I was doubting Catholicism. I read some fundamentalist information that mischaracterized the Church and, knowing my faith even less than I do now, I questioned some things. One of these was Mary and I prayed persistently to understand her role.

Driving towards downtown one day by myself, I asked Mary how I should honor her and, clear as a bell, a woman’s voice said, “Honor me by loving my Son.” That was good enough for me – no focus on her, just directing attention to Jesus.

God bless,


:eek: Wow, that sounds astounding. Do you mind elaborating on the first event, if possible? I’d like to know more.


I enjoyed reading all your stories. Such things do happen. I myself have encountered a few. Years ago when my adopted mother passed away, I was very sad. One morning I went to the office early when most people had not arrived yet. All of a sudden, I smelled strong scent of roses. At that time I was working in a tobacco company where people smoked left and right. The air quality was terrible. I quickly checked every cubicle around and there was no rose anywhere. I was praying many rosaries every day for my deceased mother. Mother Mary must send the rose flavor to comfort a very sorrowful heart at that time.


I don’t know if this is relevent, but I was in my shed out back one day and at the corner of my eye I say someone in why, but in a flinch they were gone. It was weird, but comforting. Someone must be watching me.


This is by far my most amazing and personal experience with God. :heart:


I remember reading that a couple of days ago and wondering what that must have been like and how astounding it seems. What a blessing, eh?


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