Hi! I think you need to repost your story, it seems that it got edited out.


There are many on this forum, including myself, that have had similar experiences when converting from protestant churches. It will never be easy when it comes to your friends. They will always be concerned about what they feel is the welfare of your soul. They have many misconceptions about the CC and they feel out of love for you that they should “warn” you and try to bring you back.
Anyway, me experience was similar with Baptist friends and in-laws. I always felt I was on the defensive when these topics came up. By taking the advice of the wonderful people on this forum I avoided confrontation until I studied the faith for over two years and prepared for every possible objection. I also utilized John Martinoni’s technique and let them “evangelize” me only to open the door with my questions about what they believe. Believe me it really works. After a few minutes of trying to discredit the CC they usually give up when you ask them questions in which they have given little thought.
I was once confronted with the issue of the crusades. (they assume just the mention of the word “crusades” is enough to discredit the Church as a whole.)
I responded with a barrage of questions such as “what particular time period are you referring” , “there were many separate crusades over a long period of time, which one do you want to discuss?”, "which Pope do you think had the most influence on how the crusade were carried out and why?"
As you can guess he changed the subject rather quickly after realizing he was just regurgitating something he heard from his pastor or read in some book.

Remember your friends are just trying to be good Christians and feel concerned about you. Never argue. The best thing you can do is be the best Christian you can be and they will take notice.



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