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Hi, I have noticed how some denominations such as Episcopalians (Anglican Communion) seem to offer services of reception for other baptised Christians (Catholics, Orthodox, etc) to be “received” by a Bishop in a service similar to a Service of Confirmation.

I just find it peculiar, and perhaps someone can help answer, why does this reception service include a Bishop laying on of hands to a Christian from another denomination getting the Holy Spirit again? I mean I just find it a little strange for say a baptised and confirmed Christian to then get another “laying on of hands”. So does that mean the Holy Spirit would be different in the Episcopal Bishop’s hands compared to the Holy Spirit in a Catholic Bishop’s or Orthodox Bishop’s hands when Confirmed?

It’s a little confusing, but I wanted to know whether the Holy Spirit would fill that indivdual again in an Episcopal Reception Service if the individual was supposed to have already been filled at their other denomination’s Confirmation Service.

And even then, what “gifts” could the Holy Spirit offer in one denomination that it could not offer in another? I’m referring to differences in Episcopalian (Anglican) and Catholics here?

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If you were an hardcore Protestant, you might believe that the Pope is the anti-Christ and that the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon. Therefore, it would make sense to you to celebrate someone leaving the Catholic Church for Protestantism.

There are, of course, modern Protestants who are not so much anti-Catholic but just believe that all Christian denominations are more or less equal.

In the Church of England, if an individual has been validly baptised but not episcopally confirmed, he/she would undergo a period of instruction prior to confirmation by a Bishop. If the validity of baptism is in any doubt, a conditional baptism would be carried out.

If an individual has been episcopally confirmed through unction/laying on of hands, a rite of reception would be performed with the Bishop’s permission after a period of instruction. The rite of reception does not have to be carried out by a Bishop unless the candidate for reception is a Priest. The rite of reception would include the renewal of baptismal vows and a profession of faith (Creed) but does not involve laying on of hands as in confirmation. The presiding minister simply takes the candidate by the hand whilst the words of reception are pronounced.

So, for example. baptised and confirmed Roman Catholics/Old Catholic/Orthodox seeking reception into the Church of England would not be re-confirmed through the laying on of hands by a Bishop but rather be received as per the above paragraph.

CofE rite of reception here:

To the extent that one can generalize about Anglicans, this is generally true. A valid episcopal confirmation is not a repeatable sacrament.


That’s similar to Catholic practice.

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