Please pray for the volume of people losing jobs in Ireland. Dell computers Based in the midwet region are downsizing and letting go 1900 workers. All is not doom and gloom as it could be the Lord allowing a little bit of poverty into our lives. When we are being pruned even things we were being blessed with have to be cut off as well as the weed i.e. excessive spending. Was let go myself just before christmas. Hope we all find alternative careers during the coming months. May the Grace of God go with ye.



Prayers for your intention and for even better jobs that the ones that are losing will find. :gopray2:


Dear Lord, around the world the recession is continuing to cause people to lose their livelihoods… Please protect our brothers and sisters and their families, including those in Ireland who have lost their jobs. Please give Your blessing and help to Bryan and all who have lost work. Please help him and others ro find alternative careers during the coming months.

I’ll continue to keep the unenmployed in my prayers…remembering you also, Bryan.

God bless you…Trishie




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