Recieved and ate 2 host?


Hi, I went to Thursday mass and Vesper tonight and when I walked up to recieve communion father gave me a “double” and it left me feeling a bit odd to be honest.
I always recieve the Eucharist at my toungh and tonight was so exception.
Should I have said anything or???
I felt perplex I guess and with others behind me waiting to recieve communion I just recieve without making any remarks or do anything.

Have anyone similar experiences, if so please share them:)

Yours in Jesus and Mary

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If there is no tabernacle available to repose any remaining hosts, it is necessary that they be consumed. Also, sometimes if hosts have been left in the tabernacle for a period of time, it is desireable that they be consumed. Under these circumstances (and probably others) the priest often has the congregants consume more than one host.

I was on retreat last week, and after mass the priest requested that I consume the remaining hosts, about 25. The retreat center did not have full time clergy, so it was not appropriate to leave hosts unconsumed. Father miscalculated the number of hosts to consecrate, and he didn’t want to return to the church on his way out, about 20 miles from the retreat center or to transport the blessed sacrament that long in his car.

It is just fine.


Don’t worry about it, God knows that it was accidental. You are twice blessed:),



i had this happen to me about a year or two ago. I felt odd that it happened. I even came to CAF to get a little insight. It is ok, the priest happened to pick up two hosts instead on one. He did not even realize it. You did nothing wrong. Jesus knew this was going to happen to you, so it was only a surprise to you and me at that time.


There is nothing for you to worry about. If the Host was double or “stuck together” and the Priest gave it to you, you are fine.

This has happened to me as well as the following: On more than one occasion I found a Host on the floor after Mass or distribution of Holy Communion at a Nursing Home. As a Eucharistic Minister I had the choice of PROPERLY disposing of the Host or consuming it. I chose, with one exception, to consume the Host. The one time I elected to dispose of the Host in the Sacristy sink made for this purpose, I knew that the person receiving the Host had vomited after Communion.

So you are not doing anything wrong by receiving a double Host. Count it as a blessing.


yup. No worries.


Whether you have a small piece of the host, or a double host you are receiving the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Risen Lord.


[LEFT]It was a blessing; be at peace. :slight_smile:



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