Recieving ashes at the casino?


I don’t know if this is the right fourm for this…but oh well.

Well, my grandma went to the casino on Ash Wedensday and she told me there was a priest there giving out ashes. My grandma gambles a lot, I don’t like it but she’s an adult and I let her make her own decisions. But I thought it was kind of wrong that they called a priest to come and give ashes to the people in the casino.

What do you think?



Hmm. Sounds a little bit odd. But I don’t know the answer.

My guess would be… that this was an attempt to take the “penance” directly to the “party” ? And thereby, remind people that Ash Wednesday is the start of a penitential season.

I’m sure it might have baffled any non-Christians who were present.


I think they came so the people wouldn’t have to go to Church and could keep on partying all day.


Seriously? :eek: Wow. Well, if that is the case… it kind of defeats the whole purpose of the season of Lent (penance); does it not? :o

Kind of like drinking a Slim Fast at an “All you can eat” buffet. :rotfl:


We had a priest in our neighbor walk the neighborhood business section and went into all the local stores to distribute ashes to anyone who was unable to come to the local church for ashes because of their work schedules. Also, our deacon visited the local fire station to distribute ashes to the firefighters who were on call. I suppose you can call it evangelization…going out to the people.


That makes sense! Thanks “stbruno”. I kind of got the feeling… (although you worded it much better!).


** But I thought it was kind of wrong that they called a priest to come and give ashes to the people in the casino. **

Where did you get the idea that the casino had called the priest?

He could have just come on his own.


I think actions such as this one encourage the consumeristic approach that many people have towards religion.
I would support it if the priest went there and distributed leaflets about Ash Wednesday or Lent or something like that, but there are things that should be done in a reverent way.

There is a difference between going to the firefighters and going to the casino…


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