Does anyone have any of their favorite family recipes they would like to share. I have been learning to cook and I love it, but would like to expand my horizons.

no matter what the recipe, always add one cup of the Holy Spirit, stir with your heart and your cooking will be perfect.:cool:

if you are looking for any type of recipe in particular i can PM you one or two to try…

A good quick one:

Get a marinade- we like the Lowry’s Herb one. Put your de-skinned chicken in a ziplock (1 meal worth), pour 1/2 the bottle, or what seems appropriate in it, and freeze.

Take out the morning of consumption.

Cook at 400 for 40m (about 20m/lb), in a covered dish. Add water on the bottom if there isn’t enough excess marinade. Cook until juices run clear/done.

You can add a separate dish and roast carrots/sweet potato/squash (can be prepared before and left in fridge if you don’t have time to cut up before dinner). I do them seperate because I don’t like the marinade mixing with the veggies. Mine is too wide to have them just on top.

Or, throw some veggies on the stove.

Serve with potato! In a jacket or mashed :smiley:

I have lots with more real cooking involved… but what do you want? Meat cuts? casserole? veggie? ethnic?

Thank you very much Aggie I will give it a try sounds good!

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