Reciprocity in Islamic nations


This Popes watchword is “reciprocity.” That means that Christians is Muslim lands should have the same rights as Muslims in the West. For example since their are mosques in Rome then there should be churches in Saudi Arabia (save me the blather about it’s not the same or it’s like the Vatican, that is a load of garbage). Muslims can prosyletize in the West, so Christians can evangelize in Muslim countries. And everyone has the natural right to convert to another faith without penalty according to their own conscience. In other words freedom and equality for all. I think this is an idea whose time has come. So the question is, especially for Muslims, do you support this idea.


This is one of the fundimental issues for modern muslim nations.


No Muslims want to show us that they are on the side of freedom? Here is your chance.


I voted “yes”, naturally. :slight_smile:


LOL. keep on dreaming, cestudei. My only wish is to have a church near to Masdjidul Haram, Mekkah. :thumbsup:


We must keep praying for our dear estranged Muslim brothers and sisters. Some recent SOG and blesseds believed that the Islamic world could be converted and we could avoid blood shed. Make it so Lord, make it so.


Not one of them signed on to reciprocity. That is very telling. And not surprising.


They bother to lie about Islam being a peaceful religion, normally. Why shouldn’t this be any different? Even if one of them did claim to stand for reciprocity here, I wouldn’t put too much stock in it.


Too bad the poll closed so early, but the results are nonetheless telling and disturbing.

Any Muslims want to jump on board at this point?

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