Recitation of the Akathist Hymn to the Theotokos in Latin churches

As the Feast of the Assumption approaches, all things Marian at my parish are beginning to heat up. There are wonderful Masses celebrated midweek in her honor, and we usually get through the entire rosary before them. But I was wondering… is it ok to pray the Akathist publicly before Mass in a Latin parish? Our Holy Father has attatched a plenary indulgence to the prayer recited “in a church or oratory, as a family, in a religious community or in a pious association, in conjunction with the usual conditions…” So I assume this gives it a green light. Am I wrong? For those of you who are unfamiliar with the prayer, it consists of 24 sections, 12 of which related to the Gospel of the Infancy and 12 to the mysteries of the Incarnation and virginal motherhood of Mary. Here’s a link to the text.

I’d really love to pray this instead of the usual Rosary at the last Tuesday night Mass before the Assumption. Do you think anyone would want to do it, too? Is this even done? Thanks for your input.

Is it ok to pray the Akathist in an Latin Rite Church? YES. This prayer was beloved even in the West (until about the 9th Cen.), and is considered a forerunner of the Litany. In fact, the oldest manuscript of the Akathist is in Latin. So i would say yes.

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