Reclaiming my salvation

I’m in a huge pile of mortal sin and have been for months without Confessing. Mainly because I wasn’t sorry for what I did. Now I’ve been given the grace to want to change. I still need the grace to be sorry, but I want to change because I want a close relationship with God again. I don’t know how to begin on this path though or the first steps I need to take spiritually to realize that God loves me and wants to be near me regardless of my sins.

I am planning on going to Confession asap, so I can check that off the list.
What else can I do??

Congratulations on wanting to take the first step. You can develop a strong prayer life. I’d start by saying the rosary every day. Once you go to confession try going to mass as much as possible. If your church has an Adoration chapel try going there for an hour or so. Going to confession on a regular basis is a good idea too. like every two weeks. Try reading the bible as much as possible. All these things help develop a close relationship with Jesus and give you the graces to stop sinning. All of what I mentioned are great tools to battle satan. PS I know this will help you because it all helped save a sinner like me. I do all of the above every day. Good luck and I’ll be praying for you.

I encourage you to pray the Jesus Prayer once a day. Jesus’ Name is powerful.

I encourage you to read the autobiography of Saint Maragret Mary. There Jesus expresses to you, through the saint, His love and His thirst for you.

Isn’t it funny how we here at CAF are always so ready to tell people like you to go this or that book so that by the end of any particular thread you should have a number of books somewhere short of a first year seminarian?

Don’t read. Do!

Foremost, pray. Make time for prayer and other devotions, but don’t get so caught up in devotions that you’re overwhelmed by them. Make time for two or three devotions.

Second, try to be charitable. Help your family, help your church, help! There’s no lack of help needed.

The rest should fall in place.

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