Recomendations for authentic Catholic sites?

I am currecntly teaching pre-confirmation class and want to recommend my kids (7-9 graders) some authenitc and safe Catholic sites.

Some I have in mind are:

Do any of you recommend any others? Especially for the age group that I am teaching? Thanks

My personal opinions. is the parent site of this forum. It has a lot of material, and much of it is quite advanced (thrology, philosophy, history, etc), so may be over the heads of middle schoolers. But much of it is fine.

It is probably my favorite site, and certainly is safe, in the sense of not misleading about the faith. But then, as a poster here, know that selection bias may be influencing what you are reading. :o has a lot of different writers, and their quality/style varies considerably. They are more of a current events portal, news, liturgical calendar, etc. I would call it safe in the same way .com is, but some corners of it are not above yellow journalism. That is a huge pet peeve of mine, mainly because I see it as an opportunity for scandal, to suggest that disingenuity, framing and even misrepresentation are reasonable practices so long as the “facts” are right. My scruples aside, I would recommend the site and if you learn your way around it, you will get to know the various corners and be able to contextualize to your class.

I am less familiar with ewtn, but from what I have seen/heard they are not unlike I have seen nothing to think they are not safe.

A general note. is more of an omnibus site: different parts have different flavors. The other two are more homogenous in style. I attribute that to the fact that they are each influenced and driven by a small number of people, and their respective pastoral styles differ. So any given person might prefer one over the other merely on those grounds, even if neither had anything strictly objectionable.

I am not familiar with askacatholic.

Hope this helps. And remember one of my favorite maxims: free advice is worth what you pay for it.:slight_smile:

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