Recomendations for not feeling out of place?


It’s been about a year back and feel I’m still a klutz stumbling though I know I have a knack for being hard on myself too. Why does much still seem foreign, like my feeling lost with out a missalette and having needed to find a Mass guide to print out… praying normal missalettes come back. OK, could be a cataract in the good eye plus the stress of 3 yrs of an on off job search and not being able to do things like keep up with appointments I should have done… but life is going on too. (excuses? sighs) I was in the AoG for a while and yeah, thought Catholicism was so lost and missed it until I really started to look close. Every beef I had one by one kept getting proved wrong to me. I really have no Catholic friends locally yet… (I had one in my NAM days but don’t know where he is). I know ex-Catholics and non-Catholic Christians… Prayerfully when I do get employed again I’ll be blessed to be with a Catholic or two and be able to glean from them.

Recommendations of anything, saints, online books (something I can save) while out of a connection. It would be a sheer miracle if I don’t lose connection as I’m 2 months behind and can’t pay yet until I have a paycheck again. Just not enough there on welfare and I don’t want to stay there… phone would go out too. I’m sure a lot is stress. Need to start making friends here who are Catholic. Any suggestions would be helpful, thank you.


Hang in there, Roza. And WELCOME BACK! I know what you’re going through. I’ve been back 3-4 years (after a 10 year absence); I’m still stumbling myself, with some of the music… etc. But I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with our faith!

Our dear Lord has opened up all the beauties of our wonderful Catholic Church, and I will NEVER leave “Home” again. He is doing the same for you.

One thing that has helped me greatly (and continues to help me) is EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network). It’s on our TV almost constantly. In addition to daily televised Mass… they have a wealth of Catholic programs… which would help you to deepen your faith.

If you don’t have EWTN on your cable or satellite TV… please call your provider, and request it. In the meantime… here is the EWTN website. I think you can get some of their programs through streaming video. God bless you.


99% sure I’m losing DSL and phone tomorrow unless by some fluke something will pan out. I don’t have cable or satalite TV, have the coupon for the converter box that’s needed in February however my TV is from the 80’s and it’s connected to a VCR. :smiley: I’m about outdated TV-wise as my old IBM XT is. Doubt I’m ever going to bother with cable or satalite again, when it was $14 a month probably 10 yrs ago or more I had it for a year but then they doubled the price and I canceled the service. TV is supposed to be free. :stuck_out_tongue:

Found a few more things to apply for quick and prayerfully somehow things will work out. Have to get a job and w/out the internet and phone, it will put a crimp on things. Living on the edge here it feels like and that sounds silly I know. :blush: I watch Mass on my computer but have to get serious about making it there, stop using my eyes and ankles as an excuse. I didn’t trip & skin my knee today so that’s good! Ha! :eek:

If my on my computer journal is correct, July 14 2007 is when I first went back after 20 yrs gone. Being one that was in new age junk badly, then blamed it all on Catholicism for a while and now… I’m like, I thought I was so positive I could never forget a Catholic Mass, etc… guess what? I have! I want the missalette! Maybe once the cataract is out it will be easier but who knows when and if that will ever happen. Yeah, 41, first cataract was out when I was 32. Steroids! :eek: :cool:

I do watch EWTN on the computer and a few other sites. I think I need RCIA someday.


Roza, you need a community of Catholics! Call the parish secretary and ask her to connect you with some people.


I need to get used to the other Church. I guess where I’m at we lost I forget how much of the population, the Church closest to me that I was going to closed now. Have to get used to getting to the other one. It shouldn’t be a struggle for me, I think I make it that way. Or maybe my guilt for being so mad and wrong at Catholicism for a while. I hope to get in touch with an old co-worker of mine who was Catholic and poor man dealt with me in my new age days. This is what I came out of… was doing automatic writing thinking it was a gift from God… no, not if it came from playing with a ouija. Was delivered from it, never went back to it since 2003 but yeah, blamed my dabbling on Catholicism for a few years, that was wrong.

He kept trying to get me to go to Mass back then but I had no interest. He kept talking to me about different Catholic teachings I totally forgot or had blocked out. Right now the job search has been priority so I can support myself again. I do need to get to know more Catholics here, right now, I only know ex-Catholics.


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