Recommend a great Marriage video?


A few couples get together regularly to discuss our faith and challenge each other toward holiness. We were hoping to find a video (or several) that we could watch together and discuss afterward with the purpose of enriching our marriages and/or better understanding the sacrament.

Care to recommend a DVD on marriage?



I am not sure if you are thinking of instructional videos or simply entertainment, but many couples I know went to see the movie Fireproof**. It took me a little while to get past the “B” movie acting at first, but before long the powerful story and the message took over. My spouse and I enjoyed discussing it with other couples and with each other. Not a Catholic movie, but a good one.:slight_smile:


YES! Several…

Ascension press has the Christopher West God’s plan for a joy filled marriage" supplemental marriage prep program. Even though its a prep program, there is still much wisdom from it.

But also the Theology of the Body “The Gift” Dvd series that comes with workbooks and questions.

1 hour long Intro “Your call to greatness”

8 1/2 hour videos “introduction to TOB”

16 1/2 hour videos “Into the Heart”


I would add Fr. Corapi’s Sanctity of Marriage.

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