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Hello all! I’m not going to flat out say I’ve been discerning the priesthood, but I’ve been wondering if the call might be there, and looking deeper in to life as a seminarian/priest and different religious orders. As you might be able to tell from my signature, I’ve always had a huge attraction to the Jesuits. I think their military background (God’s Marines), missionary work, and traditions are awesome. They’d currently be my number one choice if I did look further into becoming a priest.

However, I was wanting your opinions on other orders that might suit me. There seems to be more orders than I can count, each with a different mission, so I’ll just lay out what I’d mainly be looking for and see if anything matches!:

-Missionary work in underdeveloped countries

-Disciplined and Conservative

-History of study and teaching

-Relatively large

Thanks so much for the help and God bless!


What about the Dominicans, Franciscans, you would have to focus in on what you actually want to do, teaching/helping the poor/ going to different Countries, but in the end you should get yourself a Spiritual Advisor, also make enquires of some Orders and do a Prayerful Retreat week-end with some Orders, to see if you are attracted to that Order, only then you will know…

Then also do the same with the Jesuits write to them and ask them can you do a Prayerful Retreat week-end to see if its there Order that is calling you.

May the Lord Bless you and keep you …

Here is a link with a lot of different Orders that you could e-mail to.


The Congregation of the Mission (AKA Vincentians), started by St. Vincent de Paul.



what msgr rolo said is correct. also, practice interior silence, adoration, rosary, and start praying the liturgy of the hours. keep in mind what attracts you, and what doesn’t.



Thanks so much for the replies so far. I definitely need to start praying the rosary, and that’s something I’m planning to take up this Lent. Any more advice for discerning in general? God bless.


Hi, I am also discerning a religious vocation, however I am also early in my discernment as well. I have been praying to rosary everyday for nearly 2 years now. I started right before I began college, and let me tell you: if you pray the rosary authentically and slowly, your spiritual life will change like you never even dreamed. That is what happened to me.

But to answer your question more directly, I would say this: 1) Be close to Mary, because she will protect and guide you to your vocation 2) Go to daily mass if you can. A priest recommended doing this if one is discerning a vocation. I started and your love for Jesus in the most holy sacrament will increase immensely. 3) Start going to confession more often. Don’t wait longer than a month. Your heart and mind will be more open and receptive to the will of God. 4) Read “To save a thousand souls” It was for discerning the diocesan priesthood, but I found it helpful. One of the things I realized after reading it was that at some point I had to quit “cyber discerning” and actually contact a vocational director. It is never too early to contact a vocational director.



Wow, thank you so much brother. Good luck with your discernment as well, I’ll be praying for you! God bless!


As for orders, I am still looking into this too. I am attracted to the Franciscans, because they live in simplicity and totality. I look up to Padre Pio a lot, so the Capcuhins attract me. For a while I felt god might have been calling me to the Redemptorists, but now I don’t know.


The Jesuits to me are like my hometown football team. I’ve always known of them, and they were what initially what I would think of when I thought of the priesthood. The Franciscans seem awesome to me as well, I love St. Francis and his stories! :thumbsup:


NextElement, you’re right; there are a baffling variety of religious institutes and societies out there, and they’re not going to find you! Moreover, one could make several recommendations, but there are no guarantees that you’ll necessarily match with any of them.

Considering your interests, however, I could suggest a course of action here. First, develop a life of prayer, spiritual reading, and spiritual direction. That ought to be a no-brainer.

Next, I’m going to guess you’re a student, and I’m sure you’re likely thinking about university or grad school as well in that case. If I’m wrong then disregard this step. But consider doing something that would make you more of an attractive candidate for the type of order you could imagine yourself joining. So consider studying psychology or education at university or taking a graduate degree in one of these fields.

Next, consider doing this at a larger Catholic institution where chaplains and faculty might be able to help you link up with such an order, perhaps a place where clergy and religious from many different orders would be nearby or passing through. The Catholic University of America in Washington, for instance, would possibly be a good choice for this.

And, of course, be open for the surprises that Our Lord is bound to send your way. God bless you.


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