Recommend e-book for apologetics resources?

My 14-year old daughter has an Internet friend who is an Evangelical and asks her questions like “why do you Catholics worship Mary”… “why do you think the Pope is so important” etc. She frequently comes to me asking for help in putting together responses… and she is just a few months away from her Confirmation, so this is a big deal to her because she is concerned about showing that she can take responsibility for her Catholic faith and be adult about it.

I have told her that these issues require detailed Biblical study, reading in the Fathers of the Church and so on, that Protestant objections can’t be refuted with just a one or two sentence quote from the Bible. I was thinking it would be helpful to have one or two books on apologetics for her in electronic form, so that she can copy and paste short quotes into the messages that she writes to her friend. Since they are only Internet friends she can’t loan him a book to read. I have a purely paper book library (don’t like reading e-books) but I am willing to buy one or two books in electronic format for her use.

I was wondering if anyone can suggest a couple of titles that would cover all the essential points. Thanks very much.

There’s a $10.00 ebook version of The Essential Catholic Survival Guide available here:

Use the “look inside” feature at Amazon to see a more detailed look at its contents:

It goes into very strong detail on all the issues commonly brought up by evangelicals and it gives quotations from the Bible and the Church Fathers on each issue, as well as examples of how you can use that material in a dialog.

The Everlasting Man by G.K. Chesterton.

On line here–no charge:

This book was identified by C.S. Lewis as the greatest influence and impetus to his conversion. It is outstanding (though perhaps not quite for the purposes you’re seeking, as it is much broader and general in scope, than ‘apologetic’ to specific issues).

For books, specifically geared towards evangelicals, I recommend:

Mark Shea’s By What Authority?

Reviews (his website):

Ignatius press–Electronic download (not free):


David B. Currie’s Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic

Amazon kindle addition electronic download (again, not free):


the Baltimore Catechism

You can try the various tracks here on this site. She can send a link to the articles. Also, try the blog section for some Apologetic Material.

And this site too which provides free CDs and downloads, by John Martinogni:

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