Recommend me some good solo pianists!

I’m on a piano kick right now, and whilst I listen to a lot of bands with piano in them, I don’t really listen to any solo piano works (which I should!).

So, I’m hoping some CAFers can recommend me any good solo piano pieces/artists? Genre isn’t too much of an issue

Keiko Matsui–great jazz pianist- especially, “Bridge over the stars”

Not a soloist, she has her own band, but definitely worth a listen.

That guy from Hong Kong who played at the Queens diamond jubilee concert.

David Benoit baby! :thumbsup:

Lang Lang playing Liszt
Horowitz ( if I have spelled that right lol ) playing Lizst Consolation No 3 and Rach’s 3rd piano concerto is awsome!!!..

Sviatoslav Richter playing just about any classical composition, but listen especially to his brilliant performance of Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition,” preferably the live recording.

Andras Schiff (French suites: Bach)
Glenn Gould (Bach/2 and 3 part inventions)
Garrick Ohlsson: (Chopin/Waltzes)
Artur Rubinstein )Chopin- RCA Victor Favorites cd)
Walter Gieseking (Debussy)
Murray Perahia ( Chopin)
These are all master pianists; enjoy! My mom is almost a master pianist and gets all the credit for turning me on to this music.

Glenn Gould! A brilliant Canadian pianist.

I love the contemporary works of Jon Schmidt (example - Mr. Schmidt is a part of a cello-piano duo called The Piano Guys, who posted this video). Also, Jim Brickman has some lovely music as well (example).

But eccentric as heck in his playing, let alone his life. Have you ever heard Gould’s Beethoven?

Gieseking’s playing Mozart is fabulous. Don’t forget Wilhelm Backhaus either.

Thelonious Monk, Solo Monk or Alone In San Francisco

True Love Waits: Christopher O’Riley Plays Radiohead
Christopher O’Riley

Oscar Peterson (another Canuck!)

Of course! Genius!

And the Goldberg variations!:thumbsup:

And going a bit “pop” Diana Krall (yet another Canuck):

Since you said genre isn’t an issue… :smiley:

Vitalij Kuprij


I play piano.

I recommend the showman himself, Liberace.

Yes, yes, I know–he’s not a technical specialist. Big whoop. As he said so well, “I cried all the way to the bank.”

The man knew how to get people to listen to piano playing. By entertaining audiences with Beer Barrel Polka and Stardust, he “earned” the privilege of playing classical works for them.

I also like to listen to the child prodigy, Emily Bear. She’s from our city, and is a true prodigy.

I also highly recommend checking out your local music scene, or the music scene in whatever bigger city you live near. Most cities have some kind of musical organization or arts council that offers a “season” of professional musicians. If you are poor or a student, you can probably get tickets at a greatly reduced price. Check out any concerts featuring pianists! (Wish you lived in our city.)

Also check out the universities near you. Many required their music students and their faculty to play in recitals or concerts, and these are often free to the public. It’s a chance to hear some really excellent pianists.

Excellent suggestion! During the school year, the university’s music department has regular recitals/concerts.

I attended one recital for a violinist. It was quite good, free, and a very enjoyable time.

Thank you everyone, I’ll be sure to give all of your suggestions a listen.

Yay Canada!

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