Recommend me some good solo pianists!

Dont know any soloists but I would recomend:

And this isnt a piano song. It was created in a program called Synthesia and is taken from a Bullet Storm Shooter theme and…this is the result

With the passage of time, Media getting very popular. Also other such like Internet,Radio etc. And also going recommend and good solo pianists. :thumbsup:

Art Tatum. The alpha and omega of an incredible jazz pianist.

Keith Jarrett is excellent. He has performed all over the world. Classified as jazz but his solos seems to be a cross of classical and jazz. His most famous CD is “Koln Concert.” Also, has a trio with Gary Peacock on bass and Jack DeJohnette on drums.

I’m fond of this moment:

and this:

Ditto Koln Concert. There are some lovely Jarrett treatments of some standards on YouTube as well.

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