Recommend movies on saints?

Can anyone recommend a movie or two on saints which they themselves have seen and appreciated? My wife and I have seen a few in the last year or so, some of which we admired, several which were abysmal. However, these are just ones we came across incidentally, and I wonder what we are missing.

*Brother Sun, Sister Moon


A Man for All Seasons

Ocean of Mercy

The Passion of the Christ


New Orleans Saints Team Video*

Maria Goretti.

All of those plus:
The Scarlet and The Black (although he’s not a Saint yet)

Something Beautiful for God (Malcolm Muldridge’s documentary about Mother Teresa)

Bernadette and The Passion of Bernadette

Saint John Bosco: Mission to Love Watch it in Italian with the English subtitles if you can, the dubbed over English voices are annoying.

Pope John Paul II (with Jon Voight–the acting is great)

Becket and A Man For All Seasons cover the British Thomases very well.

Pasolini’s version of the gospel of Matthew is excellent from what I’ve seen of it (had to run halfway through and never finished the movie), though since it’s in Italian you’ll need subtitles. And I’d be careful about the rest of his work :wink:

The Song of Bernadette is one of my favorite. My husband and I also watched a great Italian film on St. Padre Pio. It had subtitles but was really well done.

My personal favorite is A Man For All Seasons.

I also really liked The Reluctant Saint about St. Joseph of Cupertino. It stars Maximilian Schell. What a great lesson in humility!

Although not based on an actual saint, I happen to think Dairy of a Country Priest captures true sanctity amongst the melange of humdrum and scorn. Not to be missed.

In this same category, I place the challenging Black Narcissus, which is beautiful, but also has some pulpish elements to it. Deborah Kerr was excellent.

Passion of Joan of Arc is probably the best of the real saints, with A Man for All Seasons right behind. And I’ve heard great things about Therese–the 80’s French version, not the one from few years back.

And I’ve heard excellent things about Into Great Silence, released last year.

Padre Pio: Miracle Man, 2000 (italian)

Karol: A Man Who Became Pope 2005 (italian miniseries)

I don’t remember the exact titles of the movies, but here are the ones I’ve seen and liked.

Most movies purchased from Ignatius Press:

Saint Rita
Padre Pio
Saint Anthony of Puada
Saint Bernadette
Saint Therese (the Little flower)
Saint John Bosco
Saint Paul
Pope John Paul II
Saint Francis of Assisi
Mother Theresa

There’s a one-man-show that was done on St. Maximillian Kolbe that I really enjoyed. I saw it live as a play first when I was a teenager, but it’s also been released on video. It’s Maximillian: Saint of Auschwitz. Here’s a link where you can find it:

Having recently seen it for the first time, I can thoroughly recommend *A Man for All Seasons - *as well as *Song of Bernadette. *I’ve also got a sneaking fondness for the film version of Joan of Arc’s life starring Ingrid Bergman which seems to be the best of a not-necessarily-fantastic bunch.

Don’t forget that the classic movies about Christ’s life are also about saints - Mary and the Apostles - so go nuts with King of Kings, The Greatest Story Ever Told and Passion of the Christ.

Another oldie but a goodie is Quo Vadis - touches on the life of St Peter whilst in Rome.

I have to say, from childhood memories of it, that I’m not awfully fond of Brother Sun and Sister Moon - makes Sts Francis and Clare look far too much like hippy flower-children when they were so much more.

I am new here. My list is:

A Man for All Seasons
The Song of Bernadette
Karol - A Man Who Became Pope

I highly recommend ST John in Exile. It’s a one man theatre production with Dean Jones as St. John. It is witty and funny and very moving.

Is Joan of Arc a Saint? I don’t know but the movie was good. I think it’s just called Joan of Arc.

She most certainly is! And which version? There have been a number of films made about her. There’s a black and white one, a version starring Ingrid Berman, one starring Leelee Sobieski and that gack-awful movie called ‘The Messenger’ with Milla Jovovich

The Leelee Sobieski one

Don’t forget Dryer’s amazing Passion of Joan of Arc. Silent film. Awesome.

I have one for you: St. Joseph of Cuppertino. The family sow it some years ago prior to our son’s confirmation since he picked St. Joseph as his favorite St. I am trying to search for a place to buy his movie as well as other movies of Saints for our Parish library. Lent may be the time to motivate some catholics to look for healthy entertainment. If you know where could I purchase movies of Saints, please let me know. Peace to you all!

Ignatius Press provides some excellent movies on saints, such as St. Anthony of Padua. My wife and I just watched an excellent one on Saint Teresa of Avila (though it was 8 hours long in total), which I also learned about through Ignatius Press. I am a librarian at a Catholic university and I have been locating movies on saints to have the university where I work purchase them. Then my wife and I have watched them ourselves after they come into my library. I found a good number of very excellent ones that aren’t well known to the Catholic public, perhaps partly because they are more recent ones. I will get organized and list some of them here later on.

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