Recommendation for Children's Bible K - 3rd grade

Do you have a recommendation for a Catholic Children’s Bible that would be appropriate for ages K - 3rd grade? I am looking for one that will be of interest for this entire age range and can be used within a Catholic school setting.

I have two bibles that we use for homeschooling in the K-3rd grade range. The first is The Bible For Young Catholics published by Pauline Books and Media. This one is great for a chapter by chapter overview of the Bible in a way younger children can understand. It works through the whole Bible, breaking down each book into stories that cover a chapter or a group of chapters. It covers nearly every chapter of the entire Bible.

The other one I like is The New Catholic Picture Bible. It breaks the Bible down more into major stories. The illustrations are beautiful. I like that the authors mention how Eve is the precursor to Mary, the holy bread in the Temple is the precursor to the Eucharist, etc. It comes across as very Catholic.

Right now I am using the second one for my 3 year-old kindergartener to familiarize him with the stories of the Bible. Then we’ll work with the other one more to realize how the Bible is broken into books and chapters, etc. Both are good, I don’t know if I could pick a favorite.

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