Recommendation ofr CCD program for 1st grade


Does any one know of a good Orthodox CCD program for home-schoolers? As the resident “Theologian” for my family, I have been assigned the task of teaching my grandchildren the Catholic Faith.

My wife was a CCD teacher, at our local parish for several years, and we all agree that we can not rely on any program offered by the local parishes. It is to watered down and a waste of time.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Ignatius Press - they have both “Faith and Life” and “Image of God” series - starting at 1st grade. :thumbsup:{{qXkLNXA85&SID=1&

Yes, we used Faith and Life and loved it. I have not been as impressed with the Confirmation book I got from the Image of God series. I highly recommend Faith and Life, though.

Seton Home Study is a great resource for Catholic homeschool materials. The link below will take you to their curriculum and you can see/order what they use.

Mother of Divine Grace is another great resource. They use the Baltimore Catechism No.1, along with lives of the saints stories (We are using their Kindergarten Program next year.) Here’s a link to their material.

Hope this helps,

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