Can anyone recommend a book that deals with the issue of converting to Catholicism? I am a Lutheran now and thinking of converting so my boyfriend and I are both Catholic when/if we get married. What is a good reference?


A good starting point is the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Many Lutheran clergy have come into the Catholic Church; check the Coming Home Network online ( If you contact them, they can put you in touch with someone who has made the journey and can anticipate what the major issues will be for you.


There is a book There we stood Here we Stand about 11 Lutherans that converted to Catholicism.

I would also recommend getting a Catechism and maybe a guide to the Catechism.


First I just wanted to say that always keep and open mind which you have obviously done.
2nd Here is a list of books that I think will help you. I would get the Following:
Surprised By Truth 1,2,3. All three books deal with the conversion of people and some of the issues they had to deal with.
Rome Sweet Rome by Scott Hahn.
Faith of our Father by Gibbons.
Born a fundamentalist, Born again Catholic by Currie.
By what Authority by Shea.
I hope they help if you need any more recommendations just send me a message.
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An excellent book re Converts:

Rebuilding a Lost Faith by John L. Stoddard:)

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