Recommendations for a good book on paying off debts & budgeting


can anyone reccomend a good book that is easy to understand on how to get out of debt & live on a budget?

thank you in advance.


Dave Ramsey’s books and website are very good. His “Total Money Makeover” is very good.


I was going to recommend Dave Ramsey too! The program is excellent, I attended the Financial Peace University and it is a great way to get on track. He is also faith based, and although not Catholic, it is nice to hear references to God!


thank you. please keep them coming. :slight_smile:


Phil Lenahan has been a guest on Catholic Answers live. You can check him out in the archives.


Not a book, but earlier this year we went to a financial planner. It cost money, but he had ideas for saving in the long run. I think it was worth it. He could have set up a budget if we’d asked.

We may go back once a year to update info and stay on the right track. He’s a Catholic who was recommended by a friend.



I like It’s pretty easy to follow. Mary
Hunt is a Christian but not Catholic. also has a section on money. She’s Catholic. I haven’t checked it out but her home management stuff is great. Let me know if you find anything really helpful. We 're struggling too. God Bless .


Try It has lots of tips on saving/making money, I think there’s a forum on there called dealing with debt.

Also, This is a British site, but hopefully might be useful to you :slight_smile:


I liked The Money Diet–can’t recall author. I’ve loaned that darn book out so many times that I no longer have it!


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