Recommendations for San Diego Elementary Catholic School


Both my children attend Catholic elementary school in San Diego. However, I and other parents are becoming concerned about the quality of education now at our school. Many teachers have left for one reason or another (I would say more than half over the past 2 years), and it seems that the new teachers just don’t have the same caliber of skill that the other teachers did. I’m sure they would improve with time after getting used to the students, lesson plans, etc, but I’m really not willing to wait until that happens.

I want to keep my children in Catholic School because I love the values taught and feeling of community, but I don’t want to sacrifice their scholastics either. So I am thinking about transferring my children to a new Catholic school.

Does anyone have info on Catholic schools in the San Diego County area that they can recommend. I am looking for schools with a solid academic core, low turn over for teachers, and basically just a good school all around. Websites are fine but tell me only superficial things. I would prefer first hand info.

Any suggestions would be of great help. There are just so many Catholic elementary schools in San Diego, I just don’t know where to begin.


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