Recommendations required

Dear all

My wife and I have started a Rosary group and it has grown into quite an event with between 20 and 30 people attending each week. We wanted to purchase a nice statue of Our Lady for these gatherings, but all the ones I can find on line make her look like she has make-up on or something. Can anyone recommend somewhere I can buy a nice depiction of Our Lady of Lourdes, about 12-15" high, tastefully done?

Thanks! :thumbsup:

I also have a statue of Our Lady of Fatima, but not sure how to send her. I do love her, but maybe she wants a new home. I don’t know, just trying to be God’s instrument of peace.

I second the suggestion for the EWTN religious catalogue. They can be a little pricey on there…but it does help support the network, and what could be better :slight_smile:

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