hi. i want to hear your recommendations for books or anything on how to pray rosary better and understand the passion better. thank you.

Take your time.

The Rosary is not a race.

Pray the sorrowful mysteries with a bible handy, and if you haven’t got contemplation down pat yet, pause with each decade to prayerfully read and ponder each mystery in the corresponding gospel accounts.

It may take a long time, but there is no Rosary rule book that says you must play 5 complete decades.

If it takes you 20-30 minutes to get through one, so be it…the day is long, and if you look for time, you’ll find it during the course of the day to get all the way through it.

And, if you don’t? Well, you don’t! Does worry add one minute to your life?

Peace and all good!

If u want to understand or to be able to meditate on the passion better, perhaps watch the movie, The Passion of the Christ (if u haven’t already), and/or start praying and meditating seriously on the 15 St. Bridget Prayers ~ I’ve actually done those for basically a year myself, and I know others have as well.

Excellent recommendations.

I recommend a book called The Rosary: Chain of Hope by Father Benedict Groeschel.

For the Rosary, a must-read is ‘The Secret of the Rosary’ by St. Louis de Montfort. ‘How to be Happy, How to be Holy’ by Fr. Paul O’Sullivan is likewise excellent. He also speaks of the Passion.

For the Passion, I highly recommend ‘The Passion and Death of Jesus Christ’ by St. Alphonsus. ‘The Passion of Jesus and Its Hidden Meaning’ by Rev. James Groenings also looks excellent, though I have not read it.

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