Recommended Books For Christian Entrepreneurs


So I’m a Christian entrepreneur and ever since college I’ve been running businesses. I’m currently running a web development agency, and as an entrepreneur I found that it’s very hard to find good Christian resources to help you succeed in business.

There are a lot of such resources in the secular world - let’s say Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich - but very few in the Christian world, or at least I’m having a hard time finding them.

So if anyone has any books to recommend to a Christian entrepreneur that can help with business success, that would be great!

Thank you

I’m sure that there must be a few books about this out there which I’m not aware of, but the main focus of Christianity is not about dealing with money and business; it deals more with the moral side of things. Let’s face it - the majority of businesses are unethical and contrary to Christian values in some way; but that’s also in a way good for you because achieving a business model with Christian values in mind and at the forefront would be very admirable and unique. A quick Google search brought up several books by Dave Ramsey. Another way you could do would be to read several books/sources about secular economics and starting one’s own business, then also read some Christian sources about morality (likely in regard to money and social justice) and draw up some links of how that can apply to economics.

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