Recommended Catholic DVD's

I have young adult “children”! ages 20-23-29! For Christmas this year I would like to purchase some interesting Catholic DVD’s explaining the Eucharist, the Mass, the church’s teachings on same sex marriage, homosexuality ect. Any suggestions? Thank you:)

I’d recommend any of the DVDs in the “Footprints of God” series by Steve Ray. They are available from Ignatius Press. (At and then simply do a search for “footprints of God.”)

However, they cover more about history than the doctrinal stuff you were asking for. But still, I find them entertaining and they certainly provide a historical basis for our Church, and this may somehow get your kids to perk up regarding what the Church teaches on other things.

For DVDs…how about “The 13th Day”-about the Fatima apparition (saw it with my daughter, she got so moved she started to pray the rosary). I just got Bernadette, about the Lourdes Apparition. Will watch it after Xmas eve mass.

Does it have to be DVDs? There are some great CD’s…perfect for the car…that would be good for them. Anything by Matthew Kelly (7 Pillars of Catholic Spirituality, A Call to Joy for example) and Father Larry Richards has great ones on the Mass, Confession, The Truth, etc. You can order off his website. And then there is a DVD series of Theology of the Body which would address many of the issues you wanted.

At that age they probably spend a lot of time on the internet. Click the link in my signature and you will find HUNDREDS of hours of rock solid Catholic programing - retreats, shows, conferences, apologetics, Bible study, Catholic doctrine…and more!!! :thumbsup:

The Premium Account for full access to all the programing is only $10 a month, and you can get a full year or partial year, whatever you want!


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