Recommended Catholic youtube channels to subscribe to?

Hi everyone,

Youtube has pretty much replaced my television, and I was just wondering what user/channels people here watch a lot they can recommend to people looking for Catholic-friendly viewing.

One that I follow on a regular basis is Fr Robert Barron, host of the DVD series "Catholicism’. Use the search in youtube of ‘father robert barron youtube’ and that should get you to it. Also, like ‘Scott Hahn’ and ‘EWTN’

Stay blest.

Do you mean youtube that covers Catholic subjects, or youtube material just for entertainment?


Try Fr. Robert Barron:

Gabriel Castillo has three amazing channels -

The Church Militant
Kolbe1019 a.k.a. True Faith TV

Win! :clapping:


There was one user I noticed missing, and she was probably almost my first exposure to Catholicism on youtube.

Sorry for the consecutive post, but I just wanted to say is a really easy one to understand! :thumbsup: I wish I learned this kind of stuff as a kid.

How come you didn’t bring up this channel, _Abyssinia?

Vjnycguy posted a link

Rome Reports:

Apostleship of Prayer:

Pontifical Oriental Institute:

Actually, that one channel vjnycguy posted a link to isn’t associated with Michael Voris.

They have the same name, thought they were same channel

I discovered a wonderful channel with some beautiful stuff. I happened upon it looking for a Divine Mercy Chaplet and his is outstanding… in two parts. He is very talented and so devoted to his faith.

I highly recommend Church Militant TV:

They also have their own website:

You have to register to access the website but it’s free unless you want to pay for a premium subscription. There are plenty of good free videos.

I love love love Michael Voris. He is a hero.

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