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Hi all,

This may be old news, but since many people have recommended on various threads here, Taking Charge of your Fertility by Weschler, I was looking into buying it. I found it and wanted to let know that you can find it used on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for very cheap.

I just ordered it on Amazon for a penny! Plus $3.99 shipping, that's just $4 for this book. It is not the newest edition, but being on the very tight budget I'm on right now, I'm sure it's still useful.

Just wanted to let others know. There have been a few NFP related threads lately, and I have seen this book recommended here many times. So if you're trying to learn NFP and you're on a tight budget like me you can get the book pretty cheaply.

Happy online book shopping!


Yes, but be aware that Weschler promotes FAM, not NFP. She has no moral objection to using barrier contraception.


I loved “Taking Charge of your Fertility”. There are those that will rail about it here because the author is not Catholic and recommends barrier methods if you are having sex on fertile days. However, I think everyone here is smart enough to be able to sort out that piece and keep the good advice and knowledge in the book.


I do remember people pointing out that she suggests barriers, and isn’t Catholic, doesn’t write from a moral standpoint.

I’m not totally clear on FAM and how it’s different from NFP…


I’d never heard of that one, I’m going to google it :slight_smile: Just in case it doesn’t work out the one I used was about $4 on Amazon as well, it’s an NFP book called “Honoring Our Cycles: A Natural Family Planning Workbook”. I’m not sure if the one you’ll be getting has a place to chart, but the HOC book has a years worth of charting worksheets and explains how/what/when/why, etc. and is very easy to use (we didn’t have an instructor available and used it effectively for 2 years before deciding to have a baby).


Agreed. It’s a very good book from a scientific standpoint and it explains the method quite well. I like to recommend it to non-Catholics who are interested in NFP (yes, they do exist). It also was helpful for my non-Catholic DH because he could see that there is real science behind this method and it’s not just something we crazy Catholics made up. Yes, it does suggest the use of barrier methods as an option, but even then she says that it’s more effective to simply abstain on those days.

I think a Catholic who is well-formed enough to go looking for information on NFP is also well-informed enough to realize that this book is about the method and not necessarily a moral guide.


In a nutshell, the difference is the permissibility of barrier methods during the fertile time as opposed to complete abstinence. FAM is the former, NFP is the latter.


[quote="ChristinaM, post:7, topic:228022"]
In a nutshell, the difference is the permissibility of barrier methods during the fertile time as opposed to complete abstinence. FAM is the former, NFP is the latter.


Ok... If someone's going to just use a barrier during the fertile time anyway, doesn't it defeat the purpose? That's a bit confusing. But whatever. :shrug:

Other people have said the book is good as a guide to the method, even if it's not a guide for morality.


I post on another forum with people who use NFP/FAM, most aren’t Catholic and don’t ojbect to the barrier methods. The thinking behind it seems to be, it’s easier to use the barrier methods only during the fertile time, than to use them every time. Some people just really don’t like condoms or what have you. Not to be too explicit, and I wouldn’t know firsthand, but I imagine they could be kind of a mood killer in certain ways.


Since I see your planning a wedding and I’m assuming you are a “good Catholic” you probably haven’t started having sex yet; you’ll want it more during your fertile time then any other time of the month. So it really sucks - when your husband can get sex “anytime” he wants it but you “can’t” when you really want it. That is when a barrier method works nicely. You can get your needs fulfilled when your in the mood and not hate your husband!


I wouldn’t say it really sucks. Geez, give the girl some hope! Of course I’m coming from virgin to pregnant right away, so I never feel like it! It’s really not about that, and making it about “he gets his and you don’t get yours” is what will kill it for you.

Anyways… I really like the book, I used it to teach myself STM (and yes, we knew we could get pregnant on our honeymoon, so I am not one who says NFP doesn’t work). Is it Catholic? No, but it is one of the best books I’ve read on STM and has good pictures and explanations.

I got mine off of for really cheap as well.


Being married isn’t about being able to “get sex” whenever you want it. I would recommend reading up on Theology of the Body in order to gain a better understanding.

My question was more in regards to, isn’t the whole point of learning about fertility awareness to intend not to use anything else that is unnatural? Whether it be for moral reasons or just to avoid the unnatural.


I think TCOYF has a lot of good information. My husband and I read it when we started TTC. At that point I was not even in the mindset of converting to Catholicism so I can’t speak to how much she mentions barrier methods, etc – especially because we were specifically NOT trying to avoid conception. Still, I would recommend it from a secular, scientific standpoint of getting to know your own cycle.


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